Monday, November 26, 2012

Fishing in Adelaide- Part 1

 well, since i am to spend another two years (or three) here, why not carry over another hobby of mine and enjoy it here. with the water bodies we got here in aussie, i think it is a crime not to test the beings that dwell within the water.

why part 1? it will be more than one part, as i quest to different trips and such :D

and despite the title mentioning Adelaide, the first part isn't at Adelaide, specifically at Goolwa, 100km++ away from the suburb life at Adelaide Metro, and most people come down over here for its infamous cockles

 but we're here for carps. quite the game fish this one, though not so for consumption over here in Australia where they dwell in and kick the natives off their places. highly invasive they are, so that the government mentions

"European Carp are an introduced species and are not to be returned to the water alive. "

so it seems. as mentioned, they are, for their high abundance, is rather easy to catch and the ones that quite give the fight. a good 2 pounder can run off with your lines multiple times, and forcing it in may result in unhooking it off (had that with my first carp off the Torrens)

 and where we're off to in Goolwa? under the bridge

 one heck of a spectacular place to cast your line :D