Monday, August 30, 2010

random post

nothing really, just feel like making a post XD
anyway, now that they got the news up, which is the next MG for OO series is coming up in this November.

so what will it be? can't wait for the next picture of it.considering on the MG Poll, most probably MG OOR will pop out for November but for some reason, i do really hope that it is MG OO Qan[T].weird huh?

considering that OOR is consisted of 2 things, the price might get a bit high, taking that they might produce some special set or whatsoever.but hey, GN-X variations might be possible, but I'm hoping for MG OOQ
taking that I'm holding getting HG OOQ until the movie is released, the next MG for OO series might get revealed soon, and if it is OOQ is revealed, so I'm getting that. might be fun to mod MG sometimes.

oh yes, i want that Sangokuden Turn X.

anyway, saw this picture long time before but didnt saved it that time.spent around 1 hour scrolling pictures to find this back.

for what reason?

it's a very refreshing picture, and made me happy each time i view it

yep, got this as the wallpaper for my handphone
source here

AND I ALREADY GOT MG EXIA FOR 2010 >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's totally UNEXPECTED!

no no no no...
this is not a post on that PG Strike Freedom..that thing has almost-to-none effects to me
even my response when i saw it was..


for me, i am not ready yet for any PG, so that PG SF will only serves as a reference for in case i wanna mod a SF. in the future.not now okay


ABS Joint unit 03 GET!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HGUC Jegan WIP 4

decided to assemble back since i got some more things to add =D

anything different?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Current, Ongoing , Future Project REVISED!!

oh yes, only text inside this post.No pics to be displayed XD

so lets see...

Project 1 : Jegan
-might give it some more bulky add-on parts (thrusters,verniers etc)
-Convert rifle into mega launcher
(note : if time allows- 2 weeks break+ assignments...should have enough time )

Project 2 : Sonsaku Physalis
yep, no more MLRS. this is how brainstorming kills you
-MUST complete base plating and redesigning
-SB bigger sword
-replace joints with Koto MSG
-no LEDs..haha..hahahaha...

regarding MLRS, i tried brainstorming some plans to SB it, and then, i suddenly realized that, i, myself, now, is not at the best level to do so.think im joking? i actually felt like my heart got ripped off.the absolute despair which disturbs me for some quite i decided to not go for MLRS.
(if luck is at my side, will throw this one into the competition as well)

Project 3 : MG Exia TA
gonna finish this one in a day..

Project KnightinGale
-massive refining (hopefully) after competition (semester break that time).
-revise most of the articulation
-SB lower legs and required parts

Project 剣
-still in designing
-moar research on Ligers design ^^


- OO Qan[T] (or the final config in the movie)
=pla-plating, extra linings
=retractable parts (maybe)
=custom palm for lineart config

HGUC Sinanju
=lets see first what it got
-maybe just plating and extra linings
(these two can be done in 2 weeks, i think)


What i want/might mod

Throne Eins
-even had made some plannings, mostly on the mega launcher. the launcher will be usable as how GX use his BFG. will use the entry plug slot at the back to house beam saber like GP03 Stamen.

others? dunno, dont have in mind. haha

(oh yes, Mameshiki Flandre Scarlet rips my heart off) (but not the one that i mentioned in Sonsaku part)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project 剣-Preface

剣 this character reads-tsurugi, which the synonym is "Ken" which means "Sword"
so, this is Project Tsurugi

nope, not what i want to do now, but this is for 2011. will be focusing 110% on mods starting from 2011

so why swords?