Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exia Repair ver.ZD


some snapshot of Exia Repair ver.ZD

close up on the damaged side of the head (err..you can say the half-repaired side of head)

by using the upper arm to connect the cape to the body, the cape got some mobility...it can go up....

and can swing 180'....extra articulation, i say XD

MG Exia Ignition box art...

season 2 episode 1: Angels Second Advent

some poses that shown for the MG version

what do you think about this picture?
I think that I'm Saji Crossroad in episode 1 of Gundam OO S2


Bootleg HG Exia Trans-AM -> Exia Repair Conversion WIP

Full Concentration=Fast Work

started working on my Exia
first, i removed the unwanted parts

they are the GN Blades, beam sabers, right knee armor, left skirt armor, left arm, shield, foot armors, left chest vent, right chest fin and the cord on the right arm

this is how it looks without the unwanted parts

1:GN Sword

i sketched a line at the tip of the blade

and cut it off .using knife and nipper, the broken tip is made to look like it is broken off hardly

some masking is done and painted using silver marker

Taddaa!! the results is great!! excess paint is scratched off

the GN Sword look cool now


image from MAHQ.net
for the damaged head, i took this picture as my reference

the head is disassembled and lines are marked on the parts that will be cut

the v-fin is cut and the monitor is painted using silver marker and is detailed up with a black marker

more guidelines for the right side of the helmet, face plate and eye piece

cut them off and the inner side of the head is carved to make it flat

test fit. ummm, looks okay

for the red eye camera, i'd used the parts from the runners....after gluing them together with the head, i painted it black

took a thin wire and cut it into desired length

and glue it onto the camera and colored it black

i cut a tiny round red sticker and apply it on the camera...the head is done

almost done


for the cape, i took a piece of brown cloth

and cut it into my desired shape

the upper left arm is taken and i made a hole

hahahaa...my secret technique!! I sew the cape to the upper arm!! using the upper arm to connect the cape with the body will give some mobility to the cape making the cape more posable (like MG Exia Repair larr..)

Done!!Total time=less than 4 hours!!

more pictures in next post!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Bootleg HG Exia Trans-AM -> Exia Repair Conversion work

first loot for 2010

yep, and it is a bootleg..bought this for my Exia Repair project...actually I want a normal one but i found the Trans-AM, so just went along with the currents..^^
this kit is priced 3 times cheaper than the original ones..
so lets see what does this bootleg gives us

the same box-art......instead of the name Gundam Exia, 'Gundam' is omitted

all runners are packaged in a single plastic bag...not good for the parts as they might scratch each other and the stickers also

all the runners...the polycaps is harder than the original and the red cords is kinda softer

the stickers can stick but there's no bling-bling grains like the original..the stickers are made unaccurately for the model and got scratched really easily

noticed some mold defects...the finger of the open palm are ugly and there are some excess plastic on some parts

some people said that bootleg's parts are kinda glossy and mine also glossy..but since that this is a "trans-am mode with gloss injection" kit..this is okay to me

wtf? the front skirt armors is already separated!!

i then quickly build this kit ..here's the finished product...

close up....the green layer on the eye sticker is scratched when i tried to apply the sticker..
the parts are dead hard to be assembed...sometimes i stepped on certain pieces so that it will snap together well....the yellow part on the chest is thin and indeed sharp...when i was trying hard to put it in place...it easily cut my thumb...Ouch!

image from MAHQ.net
referring to this picture...this is what I am going to do with this Exia

so then...this is what i'm gonna do......lots of work is needed for the head and the sword...the head needs to be modded into TerminExia head (half Exia,half Terminator)..

well then..need to work on this now ^^


Saturday, January 23, 2010

School Re-Visit!!! (22-23 01 2010)

Ayuh!!Kembali ke sekolah!!!

citernyer simple......cikgu noriman ajak Bong gi skol....dan Bong ajak payed (dier tunggu majoriti)..pastu bong tanya aku...
ok...sekarang ak memasuki zon boring so dengan open heart aku pun kata "lets go!!"
cikgu ajak sebenarnya pun nak suruh assist budak band
cukuplah...tak tau nak story aper....let the pics do the talking!!

senior yang the best!!Cerah tu aku declare gila sikit laa..mula-mula cakap xnak pegi....tapi lepas tu dier sendiri naik motor gi machang...dier ader lesen L, so ok laa....tapi motor dier roadtax mampus!!!!

suma tu boleh katakan rilek laa ntuk mane2 X yang buat revisit ni....tapi yang ni paling best....

biasanya X's yang datang akan b'malam di bilik sakit tapi bilik tu dah tukar kunci so xleh buka=cari tempat tido laen...T_T
tapi mujurlah, ader sorang kawan ni yang duk dalam area skol (tahu2 la saper ni) offer tempat tido...

tapi, coz kos makan budak2 dah naik, so kitorang tak makan kat dewan makan, pegi makan kat luar....last night gi makan jalan kaki dan biler balik lepas makan, cikgu tanyer (dalam dialek klate)
'sek awak gi make jale kaki?kalu nok gi make pulok...amik moto sayo...ado 4 ore kae...moto cerah so, moto sayo so..cukupla gendong 4 ore'

UNBELIEVABLE!!cikgu noriman offer moto dier untuk k'gunaan giler2 ktorang...tapi moto dier ader clutch so malam tu pakat duk blaja naik moto clutch blako...tapi bestlaa...kurang2 jimat tenaga sket daripada main jalan jer...

moto cikgu= kiri moto cerah=kanan

tapi, datang balik ni ader mendedahkan sedikit masalah dalam sekolah (nak tahu tanyer bong)

OTW balik bukannyer balik umah terus...stop dulu kat KB mall (1st time sejak abis SPM)
kat kb mall,dah buat sedikit loot ntuk 2010...iaitu
HG Exia Trans-am (bootleg/pirate/cetak rompak/tak ori!!!)(nak try tengok kualiti bootleg)
dan sedikit hobbying tools!!