Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 8

finally, a post for Sonsaku...after the no-end procrastinations XD

anyway, some more things done before painting

Basic Putty + Thinner
wait what?

Monday, November 29, 2010

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 2

gotta say......fast build indeed.......

COMPLETED! (apparently i can mount all of the accessories onto it at once )

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 1

starting to build this big guy as the weather aren't giving enough justice to Sonsaku

Sonsaku : And now here we have a helluva large sets of wing!

yeah, seriously, as the first 1/60 kit i ever have, this is big~~~

comparison with my Revell 1/144 MIG-30 Foxhound. did a rework on it couple a time ago but never posted it. poor plane XD

and now, lets started with the shield.....

okay...enough for the time being....

ok im joking

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HGUC Jegan- Silver Collar- Preview

and Jegan is done! yaay~!!

seriously, cant help but got reminded to GPB Hi-Nu when i put this guy together, looking at how the colors go..

but still, nicely painted~ and the stripes are looking good!

LED still works, but i cant make out the circuit, so i'll leave the LED uncircuited for the time being ^^;;;

yet, got some mishaps from the painting so why dont i...

Preview ^^ i call it Silver collar because i painted the collar silver XD we got Silver Bullet so a Silver Collar wont look that off XD


poor sonsaku.... XD

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What happened in these two days....

Friday, November 19, 2010

SD Strike Noir-Completed

huh..managed to pull up this one within the two days limit i set for Noir.

And now he's done.completed. with decals. and heavily drowned in flat coat (no kidding)
Gallery will be up in December, camera not available now...

lots of stuffs being experienced throughout the painting. i tried hand painting, which turn out sorta good (hand painted both rifles ^^;;) and the decals works better here, compared to StarGazer. although there are some decals that suffered silvering and got some blotches, yet i managed to make the decals to look as if they are printed directly. in other words, nicely made decals after flat coat ^^

talk on flat coating, seems i went overboard at this point. i finish up painting a certain part, and then directly topcoat it. sorta like Noir got 4-5 layers of topcoat ^^;;; and the result? some parts are too flat and inconsistencies occur. yet i find it looks good XD

Next Stop. Emperor Sonsaku Physalis or Sonsaku Physalis- Sealed Tiger Saber Awakening form or whatever name you wanna call it XD


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's going on right now...

and I'm now at home, after nicely completing my first Semester of Ausmat..
as for now, don't expect me to be silent or non-posted for nothing XD

i do got something to deal with, or else my worklog wont reduces..

and now, here we have..

SD Strike Noir. Currently under painting process ^^ faced some mishaps during the process, and some of them just keep happening after repairs so i just keep on going. to save some time (and paints), i painted only some parts while the rest, i just topcoat :)

but seriously, rainy season had hit my place ...it is so hard to cope on with this weather, especially when you are painting..some frosting occurred already >_<;;; and if you noticed the unidirectional lighting, yes, i got myself a table lamp to assist my Gunpla sessions at night as my current lighting aren't really enough (not good for my eyes as well)

testing the lighting, directing from below towards some Gunplas that i had put on display. kinda lazy to put all on display ^^;;;

BTW, regarding the Sinanju GB, BD77 had successfully completed him. when will yours (and mine) ^^
as for mine, i got few stuffs to be deal with currently so I am afraid that Sinanju will only be here in December. And that's one addition got delayed...
come on guys~ Keep on building!

speaking of addition...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sinanju GB- useful tips

some nice haul from everyday lurking

check out what had Gunpla Secret Factory made..

Spike Sharpener!

hehe, just a pretty short post. i dont think i'll be posting anything on my SF after screwing up the backpack and shoulder joints. can't really figure out anything to fix it since exams is in front of me already XD

Chubbybots had started..when will you? ^^


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HGUC Sinanju GB-shall we?

Chubbybots got himself the HGUC-ed Sinanju..

Syful got him also..

's waiting for him to come..

and I'm waiting to get myself home, and have Sinanju to kick my UC DM's ass

now that we ALL are getting and gotten the Sinanju, what about a little Group Build, as a respect to this beautifully made kit, in which the MG version is out of our league and they gave us the HGUC version so that we can have this masterpiece at home?

so what do you think?

what I'm planned for this GB is that

we'll just do OOB, painting can be done also (I'll just go OOB with my Sinanju XD)

and lets make sequences of WIPs, so that we can see your thoughts on the parts separately.

reviews are warmly welcomed ^^

or maybe how you tackle the OMGWTFLOLWAT gold trims XD

and it is okay if you want to go for some mods on this HGUC Sinanju, i dont think i will..hahaha

so what do you think?

Monday, November 1, 2010

5thLuna! Nice One!!

random and random lurking ends me up at 5thLuna's site , and some random scrolling occurs

and i stumbled upon this

SD The-O. blocky.