Sunday, April 10, 2011


Updates. yes

damn hot vibrant red :D

so i painted Jinx. i ran out of blue, so i can't mix paints for ESF scheme, so i opted for A-Laws colors instead. yet, i wrongly painted some white parts as red, so this is sorta custom color or something?

red + yellow+ white. good coverage too. only 2 layers. quick drying. satisfying finish.

frame. black + red + silver (the red is the excess from the first run). brown frame. dark brown. silver glitters aren't that obvious. should had added more.

camera didn't really catch the brown >_>

assembly. love that shine :)

partially assembled. white parts awaiting paints. eyes painted with silver and clear red over it.

Asteroid Battlefield

MDF on MDF on MDF. yeeaaa

Styrofoam on MDF on MDF on MDF. white glue for bondage purpose. amazing stuff. MDF are bonded to another MDF like being nailed on. sturdy.

clear acrylic rods mounted. masked for preserving clear properties. ELS being Tamiya puttied. Sanding awaits.

crates. crates everywhere. dirty job. paper clay. soft stuff. slimy. sticky. eheh XD

more crates. not that realistic if im to say. lets see how it looks when painted ^^

that's all for now!

(am i writing weird?)


  1. Great progress on your project. Keep it up! XD

  2. Ohh... nice.

    Did I see the word... "bondage"? >D
    (protip: the word "bonding" is more apt).

    I like the asteroid surface is coming around. =D

  3. @Gundam Gunso thanks ^^

    @Bd haha thanks, i guess i do write weirdly XD

  4. loving the dio ZD!
    it has the feel of a planet's surface.

  5. Can't wait to see the completed Dio...
    Very nice so far!

  6. nice, i'm sure it's gonna be awesome hehe

  7. The dio's surface does look pretty sweet and realistic, can't wait for the end product:D