Wednesday, April 27, 2011


this, at Gusto, and if I'm there, I'm doomed. Marzz managed to de-poison me from this kit, but now i re-poisoned back. there might be issues with the hip joint, but i can easily build over OO style hip joint over for the current skills of mine..

quick reminder, 2 days before Sinanju GB ends. for real. no more extensions.


  1. The pose is way cool. He looks get set to pounce on you anytime XD

  2. Badass pose is badass. I like this more then the Susanowo. ^^

  3. I De-poisoned you? Really? LOL
    So what made you change your mind?

  4. @Gunso & Tom that's what i read from the picture, and i am too like this more than Susanowo

    @Evaritus INCOMING~!! XD

    @Marzz the word "flimsy" is depoisoning enough, but that pose, and the word flimsy ARE the poisons, in my case (the urge to fix the flaws)

  5. ZD you can easily do this pose freeze art style!!!