Monday, April 11, 2011

TTB WIP 4 (Last Update)

last update=completion. yes ^^ i guess 2011 is my year for super-speed works i guess XD

stuff are going quite random in this post, please bear with it ^^

so, the asteroid lump you saw in the previous post..


as soon as the paperclay dries up, i quickly sort up for painting. first is the gloss black, and next, drybrushing using some colors

masked and brown drybrush =D

even more drybrushing

and more, added some silver in between

and Talc powder spam XD mainly to highlight some tiny cleavages

brushed off a bit (later i brushed off more, and also used wet tissue to remove more powder)

some close ups

IMHO, in real life, it looks darker than how it appears in the photos. talk about lighting XD

eheh XD *runs*

for Jinx
*takes a shoe*


added some silver at the hole, for effect of assimilation

Jinx completed, decaled and awaiting topcoat (by the time i typed this, already topcoated)

closer look on the decals. forgot to snap the "9" decal at left thigh ^^;;;

now, ELS

Gloss black as base coat

Mr hobby silver

shiny ^^

next, mr Chrome silver. this color, is a magic.

chrome silver, after it dries up, polish it with soft cloth the following photo-spam will explain what i mean

PERFECT BLING! despite the surface of ELS is ugly ^^;;


dio mock set up

a bit more work on Jinx, the center condenser

lets glue them :D

glued ^^

looks nice :D

and then i glued Jinx's torso to ELS

and COMPLETED! enjoy some pre-gallery photos ^^

and here, thanks a lot for everyone who had supported me during this build. i'll come up with more fast builds soon ^^ that's all for now!

(ok, time to work on paperwork and folio now ^^;;)


  1. The surfacing and texturing job for both the asteroid and ELS is mightly impressive.
    And... the light reflection is quite... bright, too.

    *thumbs up*

  2. Wow! And you managed to pull all this off in just a short time!

  3. Oh man.. That's just a masterpiece!!
    The shattered chest piece is quite impressive, everything is just too realistic~ Applause for you bro!!

    *Clap clap*

  4. Whew! Breathtaking! I love it man! Congrats on a job well done XD

  5. Whoa, super fast update from yesterday. congratz on your first diorama. Is it going for a contest or something?

  6. @Everyone thanks a lot ^^ appreciated it so much =D

    @Bd that's the point being an ELS XD

    @Tom actually, i have a subject at school- research project which you can choose any topic you want. so i choose this kind of topic, making diorama, and had to complete it withing april as semester ends in may. and actually there will be a contest in may, and im looking forward on joining it, hopefully the date wont clash with my camp in may ^^;;;

  7. Awesome work man! And with such great speed! I love the pose and arrangement for the diorama :)

  8. This is awesome!!really want to salute u badly..XD

  9. $ post to finished this awesome =) that ELS is brilliant

  10. @Chubbybots haha thanks ^^ speed is increasing~~~

    @Souji thanks bro =D haha, i am not worth enough to be saluted so far XD

    @Aya thanks ^^ actually if to make daily post im sure it will go up to 20 posts XD

  11. *comes in late*
    *looks at diorama*
    Nice~! I rike!

    The base looks nice, has a feel to it. :) (I don't really know how to comment on it actually but yes, it is really nice.)

    And... ze ELS is coming to assimilate j00!

  12. Oh yeah, how can I forget to do this?

    *THUMBS UP!*

  13. @CD haha thanks bro ^^ now imagine the ELS flying straight to your head~~

  14. How did you paint this? With what spray cans or did you use an airbrush/handbrush? Sorry for asking soo much!

  15. @Marc no prob bro, i like to answer questions XD

    okay, here we go. i mostly use airbrush, and some of it are painted with spray cans

    HG OOQ and GN-XIII are fully airbrushed, while for the ELS, the black is from spray can and the following silver is airbrushed. as for the asteroid base, the black is spray can and then i proceed with handpainting the brown color etc