Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Scratch-Building

ever since i completed by Trailblazer diorama, yeah, i think i can't keep on not doing anything XD
anyway, this is a little scratch building, mainly to save more time to complete one of my pending work-logs

care to guess what will these blocks form into?

in a way, this is just for practicing scratch building, where instead of just randomly cut and paste pla plates, i go for accuracy and precision, yes, measured up everything and make better alignments.

a bit view on side blocks.

and oh yeah, it's been a while since i last did something like this. sandwiching polycaps with pla plates for making joints ^^

now, gathering up some stuff that i had SB-ed

OK, i bet you know what is this now. a backpack. for? my Strike Freedom, or i prefer to call as Full Armor Strike Freedom. my previous works with the backpack, after breaking the peg for the wings, are just nothing but ugly works of misalignment and messiness. so i decided to scratch build the entire backpack, and propose a new Dragoon configurations, this time will completely allocate all 8 Dragoons.

ah yes, angled side, learned this from Scratch Build master Juliuslim

now, a mock up assembly

should be looking like this. dunno if i might change the configuration a bit later

now, to mount that side blocks, again, recycling some parts from other gunplas.

Jinx's beam saber's hilt. cut them half

with another pla plate to provide support, they are glued on. not using cement, but superglue for speed work. the only bad thing is that alignment becomes harder to be correct and if redoing it quite some time might cause superglue to build up, causing more mis-alignment >_>

test fit, second time. for the lower fins, might add some more volume to them. and how this will go to SF? simple. i will cut the peg from original backpack and glue it on this one. will use original thruster as well

major parts separation. there are still a bit of misalignment, but it is more minimized compared to my previous scratch build attempts. in a way, since i dont have SF with me right now, i got the feeling that this backpack is more wider. hopefully by using all of these styrene will not cause much weight issues later on ^^;;

btw, still dont have time to snap photos for TTB. i had to do presentation for it next week, so i might dont have time to pull up the gallery next week too. but i will put it up, anyway.

and oh yes, demo version of Touhou 13- Ten Desires is out, and what do you think of it? i can say, ZUN's art improved a LOT, and i actually like chinese zombie Miyako Yoshika already ^^;; (speak of necrophiliac XD) haha, incoming zombie moe XD

anyway, that's all for now!


  1. Ah, typical for any SEED units: Over-sized backpacks. XD
    And that looks HUEG!

    As for Touhou 13: Ten Desires, *declares a spell card*, My Jiang Shi can't be this cute. =D

  2. Oh, handsome looking pack you got there. ^^ But where those dragoons going to next ?

  3. Another backpack along with those Dragoons? Overkill much lol?

  4. Nice pack there. Looks a bit like Strike's. Looking forward to the additions you planning ro add to it XD

  5. @Bd haha, cant run away from SEED's trademark. SEED kit arent SEED without large backpack XD

    too late, she is DAMN CUTE already

    @Evaritus the dragoons maybe just be like sorta binders i guess

    @Marzz uh well, just slapping the dragoons to new backpack, nothing much XD

    @Gundam Gunso haha thanks ^^

  6. You can scratch build? that's a good skill, I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  7. @WOODLOUSE ahha yeah, just can do it a little bit ^^

  8. It's gonna look sick on your Strike Freedom man!

  9. now this is cool ZD!
    what will you fit in to the centre portion? It's quite big, I see you have some special plan for that ^^

  10. @h4msterworld i hope so! XD

    @Heathorn thanks you SB master hahaha
    so far, havent thought of anything for middle part, as i still dont see how the proportion goes with SF (dont have it with me currently) so that will keep for later ^^

  11. Nice Backpack =)

    which type of polycap joints that fit those beam saber's handle ?

  12. nice pack,you'd be upgrading the armors too?

  13. OMG nice..
    your skills for scratch building are keep improving, I'm gotta try to learn it from you now ZD..

  14. @Aya i just use any PC i found, of course did some test fitting first =D

    @Exaz yup, now still need more armors

    @Mafty lets learn together! ^^