Sunday, March 6, 2011


noticed that i deleted The Trailblazer? there are few reasons on that action, and so all stuff for my Project TrailBlazer is to be hosted here

and i actually going off schedule, making me to skip off few stuff

Carrier ELS


no, im not skipping these

first of all, i skipped on extra detailing, as i think they look good enough. then again, its not that im doing this for a competition, so no need to have that much works


a pla beam, and epoxy putty (i use Bondite)

looks a bit messy, need more touch up after this. and doesnt even close to the actual assimilated texture

i will stuck an ELS here

Jinx overall look. a few touch up needed, then will add some scratch before painting

ELS. yeaaa

and OOQ also had been primed, most seams had been dealt, and few more stuff tend to rise up

looks pretty good

and this is it. the part cracked. noticed them after priming. need to fix it

oh yeah, Carrier ELS

this big ^^;;;;


  1. How the heck did your Qan[T]'s wrist joint cracked?

    And... my my my my... A big carrier is BIG.

  2. thats very cool, like how you did the assimilation! another project i am looking forward to see more progress on ^^

    still gotta watch the movie... i actually saw it a while ago but on low cam quality with no subs lol XD

  3. Whoa! Way cool! I like the way you did the assimilation! Will definitely look forward on the progess of this project XD

  4. @Bd rough handling, perhaps. might gonna make it smaller, imo

    @Rockleelotus thanks bro :D

    @Gundam Gunso hi there, thanks too XD

  5. Is that crack happen after you prime it or is it already there since before the prime?
    Looking forward on the progress of this one :D

  6. @h4msterworld maybe before priming, but i didnt noticed