Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HGUC ReZEL Plus (Side ZD)

now that Tsukinari had posted his gallery, i think that's a green light for me to post up my portion :D

Your standard photo-spam!

Build Details
-a bit of pla plating
-extra panel lines
-V-fin :D
-carved off some parts like at torso to make vents
- moar details like underneath the skirt (not shown)
-saw off some plastic for a different look (eg : back binders)

-Delta Plus/ Zeta Plus C1 ish scheme
-dark gray
-light gray
-clear red
-Silver (Mr hobby super silver + silver)

Decals from MG Exia (dry transfer) and water slide decals from Frame Astrays Decal Set

ok, i admit it, that round koto minus mold looks very off ^^;;


Check out the WIP post ^^

i think you know the story already, 4 days to complete this up. i am shocked as well, as my previous logs showed loooooooong wips and some are still doesnt get completed yet ^^;;;
i guess using airbrush is a sort of motivation i guess. anyway, this is a good kit, seamlines arent a major issue and nice gimmick too =D many thanks to Tsukinari for this chance of building this kit ^^ thanks for viewing


  1. lol green light.. XD

    you did a great job and I like it alot XD.. even steal my Sinanju's spotlight LOL.....

    I guess I'll edit my post and add link to here :P.. I didnt give any thought or comment coz I dunno what to say LOL

    anyways.. millions thanks to you too for willing to help/build this kit ^^

  2. Nice shots, but was hoping to see it in MA-mode. lol.

    And yes, like I mentioned before, that round-thingie on the torso is VERY off....

  3. Cool work bro, nice pics too:D

    But i just can't get over the long dick like thing at ReZel's crotch, wonder why it was designed this way^^;

  4. Excellent job! Although I would also want to see it in its MA mode as well XD

  5. @Tsukinari hahaha have moar justice to sinanju lol XD anyway thanks again ^^

    @Bd need someone to do so.

    @Daymien dont ask me lol, i am, too, puzzled as well XD

    @Gundam Gunso thanks ^^ now that's 2 (or 3 something). tsuki, i guess you might need to snap some MA pics XD