Saturday, March 19, 2011

CW #1: HGUC ReZEL Plus

Out of nowhere, ReZEL!

well, this isn't mine, this is Tsukinari's ReZEl, put into my trust to build it.and yes, the CW, stands for Commission works. before this i am a compressor away from taking commission, and here it is, my first commission, and my first touch to airbrush :D
(got second commission coming in the way too =D)

*opens box* wow...

to cut it short, i did a pretty fast job (VERY VERY FAST, 4 days to complete a kit, despite my usual WIPs that take months!)

forgot to snap photos of the snap-fitted, and also the mods

to sum it up, mods done are extra panel lines, pla plating, add V-fin, some cut cut, and also create gaps between armors of the arm

back shot. major cut cut. inspired by the design of Hyaku Shiki's rear leg thruster, so yea

painting time :)

separated into 5 colors, blue, dark gray, light gray, white and silver. these heaps are the dark gray ,light gray and blue

silver and white heaps. yes, sliver for frame =D

yummy thrusters~ this is why i love UC-era kits, oh no my thruster fetish XD

aaaaaaaaaand painted :D

spread papers to prevent the parts to stick to the table, and also protect from dust

dark gray.

white parts. at first, i used Mr hobby gloss white, but i ran out of it mid way. so i changed to Tamiya white, which a bit hard as the paint is a bit too thin. quite some layers applied to the parts.

blue, and light gray. the light gray is too gray, and apparently these parts go along with white part, making the color differences to be not so subtle. ah well..

silver frame :D ran out of primer when about to paint the frame, quickly use some pre-mixed black paint as base coat. better than painting on raw plastic

oh yes, actually i didnt really planned the colors in details, so i just like choose colors that i want the parts to be colored with. so when rebuilding it...

yeaaaa.. delta plus color. a bit look alike with Zeta Plus C1, hence the name ReZEL Plus ^^;;

and airbrushing is indeed fun, just how flexible it is. now i need a fan filter. dont wanna die from excessive paint inhalation (i wear mask, i swear) XD

and then, lining, enamel wash :D, decals and topcoat. i used semi gloss coat, instead of my standard flat coat

not so clear, but i assured you that i Ver Ka'd this ReZEL ^^;;; i used MG Exia dry transfer decal for this, and actually used up all decals minus the GN and CB decals (there are about 10-ish of these) and add some more water slide decals too. can't help, decaling is just fun XD

backshot. as the color is pretty monotone, so i just cant resist to add that yellow stripes XD still remember my jegan?

and that's all for my first commission :) i also had set up a collaboration work with a local R/C shop, where i'll be painting R/C models =D but not so soon, as i still got my duty as a student XD i'll be posting up my Commission page soon, and also thanks to Tsukinari for allowing me to work on this. btw, i took 4 days to complete this. and my other worklogs began to stare at me ^^;;;


  1. simple but look nice.. i like the added V-fin.. and the pla-plating style on the legs.. the panel line is nice too.. just enough and not too oversdoing it..

  2. Simply Awesome, is that V-fin pla-plate ?

  3. Make sure your school work doesn't disturb your kit building duty LoL
    Nicely done! Using an airbrush would make your modified kit looks incredible!

  4. Looks very nice indeed.

    But... That circular piece on the torso looks a "bit" off... :/

  5. The red and blue really make it stand out a lot compared to Delta Plus.

  6. Woah love this man! Nice use of that dash of yellow for a contrast for the shield!

    Good luck on your next commission :P!

  7. The colour scheme combination looks really nice. Look forward to your next commission XD

  8. (Been a while since I've commented in de blogs nor updated mine, but that's what a title can do to a person. ^^;)

    I'm still amazed at how fast you can do these things and it came out really great too! Even though you didn't plan the overall colors in advance, they luckily blend in well enough together. If you could have painted the red parts metallic, it might have a nicer feeling to it instead of a flat red I'm seeing right now.
    The yellow is quite off but that was your decision to make it less monochromatic so I can't really nitpick on t. ^^;

    At any rate...
    *thumbs up!*

  9. @Seven thanks bro =D haha equivalent to a fast work XD

    @Aya thanks, yes, v-fin is from plaplate

    @h4msterworld thanks ^^ oh lol, isnt that is inversed? XD

    @Bd haha cant help, cant think of design for panel line so just throw up that koto piece there ^^;;

    @rubyvijudai thanks :D

    @chubbybots haha thanks man, next will be coloring some SDs, lol

    @Gundam Gunso thanks ^^

    @rndm haha thanks bro =D me too is shocked, to be able to pull this of very fast, making my previous WIPs to look like a joke XD the red, stickers you mean? maybe because of the semi gloss coat. should had put the stickers after the coat ^^;;; the color, it's like Stargazer, paint, assemble, shocked XD i believe the yellow is going to be my trademark or something, soon. anyway thanks ^^

  10. Nice work on your first commission.

  11. A bit late comment tho...

    Awesome job for ur first CW~~ lol...

    U should be called Ninja Gunpla Builder lol.. so fast XD


    cant wait to received it tomorrow :D

  12. @Tsukinari hahah never late to comment XD of course, need to give the best for clients ^^
    anyway sorry for sending it late ^^;;;