Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Time Now

yea, my finals for Australian Matriculation (Read: hell, hell, hell, and hell) will commence tomorrow, 1st of November 2011 and end on 9th November 2011. Got 4 papers to go, English, Maths, Biology and Chemistry. The first and the last run at 11.30 am, while the rest run at 7.00 am. yea. 3 hours for each paper too.

Well, this is it, this is the time for me to make myself to my next level of education. Wish me luck.

oh and by the way

I'll leave you guys with these 2 pics. Awesome isn't it? At how we, fans/modelers/designers are bound to correct what Bandai/Sunrise did wrong? XD

That's all for now.

* Genoaces are all imagejacked from /m/ of 4chan, while that Tojiko is jacked from Cardboard Box


  1. Genoace Custom Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode?! Doesn't too bad lol.

  2. Heaven and Hell, Rock and Roll!

    All the best man, and we'll see you in the late night chat next week.

  3. Good luck bro!

    about that 2 pics.. well.. it is awesome.. but.. its just Unicorn wannabe (Read : White and Psychoframe = Unicorn lol)

    fans area really got awesome imagination.. Sunrise/Bandai should learns and hire some of them lolz

  4. Yeah, I think that most of the greatest design out there are fan-made :D

  5. good luck ZD!
    after the exam is over you can go wild for jesta :D