Sunday, December 4, 2011

FW Converge Char's Zaku II

A sudden trip to bookstore led to this sudden get

Fusion Works Gundam Converge MS-06S Zaku II Char Aznable's Custom

a review, my style :D oh and yeah, used a cam borrowed from a friend, and surprisingly great photos it gave out =D

ohh yeaaah~~

bundled as free gift in September 2011 Dengeki Hobby magazine, well, uhh, dunno, but somewhat feel like having some of these SDs (?) in my collection. so yea XD

the book. mainly touched on stuff regarding G-Origin and stuff

the box. well, more like the casing for the box as the actual box is like 1/4 from the casing

and there it is. the box. yea, the box

kinda nice looking. standard boxart for those freebies from dengeki, and not like those retail releases which has nicer box

side view. simple,yet nice

backshot of the box. contain somewhat information on the stuff, which i hardly understands ^^;;;

so now, lets unbox it :D

the figure is wrapped in plastic bag, in which had been carefully sectioned to those separable parts. and easy to open plastic bag too :D

commander fin and shield

machine gun and right fist. oversized right fist XD

the figure, and the "nendo" stand XD

assembly is fairly easy, and do note that the arms are removable as well. so does the helmet

here you have it, FW Converge red Zaku II, straight out of the box

back shot. and nendo stand providing stability in which.........

..........isn't actually necessary. can stand nicely by it's own

also comes with movable mono-eye feature, in which you can remove the head armor to reveal the mechanism. well, easier to just use a toothpick or something to move the eye, i say. somewhat, mine got the eye-ring to pop out each time it is turned. so yea

and it is a certain bonus to have such feature to a figure which does the best at standing still XD

JUST LOOK AT THOSE DETAILS (another reference for me XD speaking of which, that another reference isn't finished yet ^^;;;; )

and it sure looks a bit plain eh? so yea,. bring out the black enamel and zippo oil~

and here it is, lined. definitely looks better
i'll leave you guys here. enjoy the photos :D

a bit of silver to the thrusters

aaaaaaaaand that's all for now :D thanks for viewing ^^
currently working on Zedas and an attempt on sculpting something. will let you guys know later :D


  1. i saw this mag around JB... but didn't have the gift.. sigh* as usual they removed the free gifts like for the Ful Saber Set =-="

  2. See small Zaku-II, Dodge small Zaku-II shots, Squish small Zaku-II.

    That must've been the largest empty box frame for a magazine.

  3. Ya know, I was half-expecting the Zaku II to make a comeback at the end... >.>

  4. @Khaidir yea, some shops do like that >.>

    @Bd yea, deceiving box is deceiving. in a way,actually got template for actual box inside the book.

    @CD lololololol dunno what pose to do, so mostly are random shots XD