Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 9

i tried to make Zedas transformable, and i screw up. and had to redo everything. while i'm on that, lets get back to this one for now :D

i thin that Battlefield cover looks nice. so yea. im not playing the game tho XD

so, here, change of concept. i said earlier that i want to give this one hell of BFG. but since i had gave my FA SF a BFG, i think i give Impulse BFS. two of them :D

actually i don't know what to do with the 2 large wings, so i thought they'll make some nice swords :D also, i had chopped the shield :D

front shot. now having blutack to hold everything up :D

rear shot. for some unknown reasons, i think i have a thing for long skirts armors. they look very awesome, IMO

used the side shield pieces for back skirts

some red shield parts for back of shoulder

and shield white part, chopped for front shoulder. and the red part for front skirts :D

and also, the sword, using the large wing and beam saber handle as handle. I'm running out of pla plates, so finalizing the swords will take a while. meanwhile, slight mod to the rifle. removed the extra handle for a sleeker Infinite Justice-ish rifle :D

aaaand that's all for this skirt armors post XD


  1. The rear skirt armour looks something like an insect's mandibles. XD

    This I have to wait a little longer to see the progression. =D

  2. my own opinion is that the head size is a bit too big compared to the rest of the body.
    Bandai sure is evil.....

  3. Now the backpack reminds me of the Astrays that Orb used. And why long skirts? lol

  4. Too bad for your Zedas...switching to another project is a good way to forget it right:)
    I agree with Heathorn about the size of the head.

  5. @Bd that just getting the rough shape :D later will have something in that mandibles XD

    @Heathorn yea, and before i lengthen the torso, it really look hideous. but as for now, after that torso extension, i am liking the current proportion. bulky arm and big feet all the way :D

    @@Tom, yeap, gonna do something like compact backpack. and gotta mount the swords on it too. long skirts? i find them sexy XD

    @h4msterworld yea, poor Zedas XD might gonna skip off the transformation and just stick with original idea

  6. hoho doing mods i see
    for last picture. the wing is it gonna be a blade?

  7. @Khaidir yes, building the swords from the wings. main part will be from the wings, and the rest components of the swords will be scratch built :D

  8. Rare skirt armour reminds me of God Gundam's back. Looking forward to see what you are going to do with your Impulse!