Saturday, December 17, 2011

DOTM Mechtech Deluxe Class Bumblebee

my first Transformers figure, and it's from the Movie lineups. because i just like the movie concepts and designs :D

well, kinda a long path i took before i actually settled down with this one, actually

so, actually i didn't really fond of transformers, or to the exact, action figures and stuff. but since the releases of Transformers live action movie (or bayformers lulz) the designs, and concepts grew heavily on me. but that raises another problem. attaining accuracy in terms of transformation and robot mode. basically, hardly to get a TF figure that completely accurate to how it looks and transforms in the movie (the most accurate i think is Leader Class Optimus Prime, ROTF mold). basically, i actually browsed through countless reviews on different TF figures, and decided to end up with Deluxe Class Bumblebee from DOTM lineups. and somewhat, a good choice, since transformation is decent enough, and the robot proportion is well done. to put it, i now somewhat eyeing on DOTM Deluxe Soundwave (Merc SLR one) and also wanna get a Mr. Faceripper Optimus Prime, from the movie design. maybe the Leader Class Striker Optimus. but who knows.

to the figure, then :D

Alternate mode (Car)

Chevrolet Camaro Concept, with a bit of alteration in terms of overall look. the DOTM one comes with a spoiler and safety grills on the windows.

overall painting is pretty good, although i do get some paint scratched at some points >.>

doors are open-able, but the grills are attached to the hood. and also got the actual glass mirror for the robot mode

special feature, Stealth Force mode. Stealth Force is basically an in-between alt and robot mode which allows TF to access their robot mode weapons in alt mode. for this figure, it has sorta cannons which comes from the rear hood part.

underside of the car. robot in disguise indeed XD


starting up with lifting the entire top section of the car

and fold it up. the rear goes above the middle, and the front goes underneath the middle

open up the door and the front tire part.

flip out the pseudo-windscreen (issit?)

with that, there will be enough clearance to bring out the arms. bring them out

bring out the front light part, and flip up the front bumper in which will form the chest piece

and with that, flip down the entire front section and tab it with the spine

split up the rear section, which is the legs

as for the feet, here's one neat gimmick. the automorph feature (read: linked movement :D)

pulling out the feet will bring the rear part of the car to the rear calf

and flip it further up to complete up the transformation of the leg

and lastly, tuck in the hood to the back

Robot Mode

all in all, a very nice proportion it has. and im not regretting getting this :D
the transformation is somewhat Zeta/Rezel/Delta+-ish, which is kinda fun :D

for articulations, head is on a ball joint and moves freely. shoulder piece can be raised further, allowing more articulations

elbow bend greatly, and also has rotation joints. fist is on hinge, and thumb is articulated

knee bends to 90', and totally hinge joints for the ankle and feet. hip is on ball and hinge joint combination, and can do full split. sorta HG OO-ish hip joint :D

another feature introduced in DOTM lineups is Mechtech weapons. they are some oversized weapons, with abilities to transform and change form to another weapon by a single click/flip etc.

Bee's Mechtech weapon, expanded form. for deluxe class, all figures cannot have their mechtech locked in expanded form (with exception to Deluxe StarScream) but for mine, the gears is somewhat broken, and it may be locked down in expanded form :D

enough talk, enjoy some poses XD

overall, one nice decent figure, but still this ain't the best Deluxe figure of Bumblebee. i think the ROTF HFTD Battle Blade Bumblebee is much a better figure with more paint applications, but this one is something nice to play with. and i pretty much like it :D

that's all for now


  1. From what I heard, the 3D models used in the movie can really transform with no parts colliding to each other.
    Means it can really 140% transform XD
    But maybe that's very hard for toys to replicate.

  2. YAY! Finally an update on ur DOTM Bumblebee xD . did u mod the gun or something? cuz usually the deluxe Mechtech is like pop up and doesn't have pegs to hold it

  3. @Heathorn yea XD can;t imagine if the toys are like that. that'd be one messy toy XD

    @Khaidir didnt really mod the gun, but from what i see, the gears inside the gun is somewhat broken, so yea, profit :D

  4. LOL LOLOL i see. doing any paintjobs or Weathering on Bumblebee?

  5. @Khaidir, already did like, some drybrushing using silver on it. will post photos later :)

  6. LOL Bumblebee is hiding beneath the car :D Are you gonna repaint that?
    I wonder why toy producers from Hot Toys hasn't made a Transformers robot until now..

  7. @h4msterworld somewhat for now already drybrushed him withs ome chrome silver, just for a try. adn since it can easily comes off, will actually repaint it later :D