Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, To put it...

It's crazy.

well, dunno how to actually put it, but if i am to put it, i made some great progresses in this year :D

while the photos has nothing to be discussed, just wanna let you guys know what am i going for Impulse now :D

then again, to wrap up the year, i basically dunno how to start lol

maybe i'll just have it in proper categorization, perhaps?

ok then, main interest first. Modelling and Gunpla

Total kits completed this year= 7 kits
- HGUC Unicorn
- HGUC Sinanju
- SD Sinanju
- HGUC Rezel
-HG Strike Freedom

Current WIP= 3
-AG Zedas
-1/60 Impulse (happy 1 year anniversary!! XD)
-Hi-Nu Gundoom

Miscellaneous addition
- DOTM Deluxe Class Bumblebee
-Liquidstone Izayoi Sakuya
-FW Converge Zaku-IIS
-Revoltech VF-1S

-Built first diorama (yet it sucked >.>;;;;;)
-Organized first Group Build
-first commission work (i want more D:)
-Entered official Gunpla competition for the first time
-Won something in that competition :D

Future plans
- Jesta NT-D
-Scarlet Gundam 01 [Remilia] with Weapon Platform YOUGEN
-G EXES vs Baqto [One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall] (try guessing it :D)

to sum it, rather a productive year. hardly any of those completed kits are straight repaints, there are mods at the slightest extents. and yeah, trying out new stuff is just fun, especially when i self-upgraded myself with an airbrush, giving myself one nice boost to the modelling

and to put it, my resources are now depleting ^^;;; pla plates, paints, primers and stuff. still haven't got the chance to restock them up >.>;;;;

that aside, what about my actual life? uhh, did one fine and nice screw up, and i don't really wanna talk on it. so let me just settle it up then :D

now, to talk on my secondary interest, namely on Touhou Project, also did quite some progressed on it. been meeting up with people of same interest, but funnily, i missed up every single anime/manga/game event held ^^;;; well, whatever, made friends XD

well, i don't know what to talk about now...have this pic then :D

winning something in GBWC gave me the chance to have my name featured in local hobby magazine :D (I'm HG 2nd place)

and that's all, to end up 2011. happy new year 2012, and lets us have a very good next year :D


  1. That is quite an achievement in one year. =D

    And, getting a 2nd spot is the icing for it.

  2. Congratulation for 2nd place that's a huge achievement this year few more contest with your name on it customer will line-up for commission work ;)

    and Happy New Year :D

  3. Happy New Year!

    you have been a mad man with modding your kits. now your famous with your name in magazine :P your going places in 2012!

  4. Its been a very fruitful year for you! Looking forward to your new projects!!

    I got to finish my jesta!!!

  5. @everyone thanks for the wishes :D really appreciate those ^^

    @Aya oh lol, i hardly get a customer lulz >.> maybe not famous enough XD

    @Chubby 3 JESTAS TO GO XDDD

  6. Lots of achievments! Congratilations especially for getting the 2nd place in Malaysia's GBWC! 2011 must have been an awesome year for you ^^

  7. @h4msterworld thanks man! uh well, not overall 2nd place, just second place in sub-category, but it's still nice :D