Friday, December 9, 2011

AG Zedas WIP 2

as usual, going on this bits by bits. somewhat i can say i'm not the type that can do stuff like heavy detailing and stuff, but i think i have my stuff in terms of concept =D


so yea, somewhat getting distracted by anime and stuff. so do things like bits by bits everyday ^^;;;

plain area near the neck. threw in some pla strip into it

and finalized the arm

half GN-X, half Zedas. decided to use GN-X shoulder, and will add some stuff on it to redesign it a bit

use a cylinder from HG Strike Freedom to slot in the palm. when sawing off the palm, pretty much lost some bits of it, so rebuilt it using pla plates. ball joint taken from GN-X's palm

also extended and sharpened some pointy edges. done this by adding pla plates and sand it off. tedious, very tedious but somewhat fun :D

proportion check. gonna go with the original design of Zedas, slim legs

puttied the Zedas Sword. lazy to sand away tho ^^;;;;

redesigned the wings by making it bigger, and articulated. used koto MSG joint for the joints

wing, fully opened

wing, closed position.

and that's all for now. thanks for viewing, guys :D


  1. I bet you, I bet that Bandai would be envious of your modification job.

  2. Nice modification on the wings!

  3. @Bd lol, im still not to that level lol

  4. Looks smexy!!
    The extended wing is lovely. No photos of the wings in MA mode?

  5. @Heathorn it is actually untransformable, but i somewhat tried to make it transformable. but end up screwing it up, and had to redo everything ^^;;;;