Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HG Full Armor Strike Freedom Gundam

alright, one last gallery to end up 2011 :D

this is one flawful build, and I'm presenting it with the flaws, SLAPPED RIGHT ON

Zoidiect's Base presents, ZGMF-X20FA Full Armor Strike Freedom Gundam

ok, for this build, things had been crazy. very crazy. for those who follow, probably can easily make out that i had worked on this for like, 1 year XD anyway, within that time, concepts and designs change abruptly, and luckily i ended up with something i am satisfied for :D
to put it, i really want it to be one flawless build, but i rushed for GBWC 2011 Malaysia region, and not to forget, stuff getting depleted at the crucial time (thinner, putty and stuff). to be frank, i didn't expect much for this kit in the competition, in which surprised me when it won 2nd place for High Grade category. not bad for my first time joining it eh? :D

and oh yeah, mind some battle story? XD

so, to put it, this isn't the one Kira's using. the frame of this unit is the single and supposedly be mass produced Strike Freedom unit, in which got MSjacked by the Junk Guild. primarily jacked for it's nuclear module, since the JG is currently researching on a massive weapon, hence the need for the endless energy supply from the nuclear engine. while SF frame is already agile, engineers upgraded the frame for more agility. throughout the test, the unit gives out great performance even though it is handling one heavy weapon. however, it once caught in a fight, where it survived while suffering heavy damages. under the hands of Lowe, the unit is granted with Full Armor unit, and a pair of massive thrust booster units, allowing it to achieve unexplainable performance for a FA unit. after the finalization of the weapon, the unit is handed to Serpent Tails, where it may be more useful


- "Destroy" Twin Mega Beam Launcher Rifle/ Destroy TMBLR (intentioned). the weapon in question. directly powered by the nuclear module, combined with massive performance of the FA SF itself, it is nicknamed as Colony Dis-Integrator

- Hyper Lacerta Beam Saber. Upgraded version of Super Lacerta, with greater output, resulting with blue beam output (go watch Unicorn eps 3 and you'll know why)

- Zeus Beam Field Generator. while the original generator creates shield, this one allows a field to be created in short response time, providing the defenses that the unit need. while the Full Armor is strong enough against standard beam, the field is crucial especially for a fully-charged attack from the Destroy TMBLR.

-Super Dragoon Units. 4 on binders, 2 on waist armors and 2 on backpack. all serve for different functions. the 4 on binders are Dragoon Requiem, functions as output amplifier for the Destroy TMBLR, increasing its firepower. the 2 on backpack are Dragoon Attacker for direct attack to opponents, while the other 2 is Dragoon Protector, serves to protect the unit from incoming attacks

enough talk, have some photos XD

gotta say i love hand painting the face, especially when it turned out good XD

dunno if can make it out or not, but the TMBLR has 3 different shades of gray :D

the thrusters are painted gold, and brushed with chrome silver to produce the burnt effect
don't mind the whitish look there, just superglue. hidden using the arm btw :D

middle section is purely pla plates, with some Koto MSG and thrusters

some little hidden details. nuclear engine and pistons :D

oh and btw, did i ever mentioned that it is cast-offable?

plain version of SF. frankly speaking, looks very odd.

half armored XD i love how the FA parts retained the sleek look, and not too bulky but still provided the require bulk :D

action poses. here's the hard part

as for posing, you may already knew on the articulation improvement that i did, but really, the further mods reduced it more full bend for the knees, and also, the gun is way too heavy for single wield. but still, can achieve the poses that i want. and back-heaviness is just awesome, hence the stand and blutack over there.

simple base, the one i made for Jegan, but now handed to SF. did a pre-shading, but totally not visible after the enamel filter wash i did. and did one nice cut there

random serpent tail insignia appears

and yeap, somewhat it snaps in nicely with Koto action base.

and to end it, well, one satisfying build, yet flawful ^^;;; yet i still love it XD I'm happy enough with this so that i dunno what to type lol

anyway, that's all for now, later will upLinkdate with WIPs since the WIPs is way so much of a post

Aaaaand check out the super long WIP-logs

1- Snapfit
2- Proportion Fix 1- Wing Mod
3- How the wings end up like THAT! lulz
4- Proportion Fix 2- Joint Enhancement
5- Proportion Fix 3- Works on Torso
6- Proportion Fix 4- Armor UP
7- Proportion Fix- Done
8- Scratch Build 1
9- Mods continue...
10- A little Scratch Building
11- Proportion Test
12- Sneak Peek
13- 70%?
14- That Remaining 30%

enjoy :D


  1. The base MS looks odd because of it's waist is a bit too narrow, but that would be solved by adding the rest of the weapons parts.

    DAT GUN~!

  2. You just made Jebus Yamato even more jealous... XD

  3. @Bd DAT GUN :D

    @Zeon26 haha, that's the main intention! XD

    @Kriz @Tom thanks! :D

  4. Awesome BFG is awesome!!
    I looked at the second photo and hear some beam sound effects suddenly ><

    if I may add constructive comments, it's the putty work and SB parts. Your SB and reshape made the kit look different which is cool, but there is still improvement needed for the clean up process IMO.
    Honestly this process takes me the longest XD

    But man you made it to the Bakuc and you deserve the prize! CONGRATS ZD!

  5. always love the design.. if not the rush.. it will definitely great job.. the concept is great and successfully executed but need more refinement.. mine if i try to refine it? haha.. may i know which kit that u use for the leg armor? hehe

  6. @Heathorn thanks buddy :D comments either constructive or destructive are always welcomed XD yea, pputty and cleanup. sucks to have my basic putty hardened up and become unusable in critical times >.> and thanks again. still waiting for your debut in Bakuc, Heat. lets have a face-off in the finals (lets have this happened for real LOL)

    @Seven thanks bro :D of course, you are more that welcomed to give a shot in this concept :D as for the leg armors, i used HG GN-X's leg armors. fits like a glove :D

  7. Overall, for me, it looks cool! Hope I can customize my gunplas too in the future.

  8. @darkandchoco thanks :D no worries, if you wanna to go for it, it will surely worked out ^^

  9. Very Interesting !!! XD I Like!!! Wish i could Show u My Rubberband Experiment PG Strike Gundam Full Armored I.W.S.P.!!!

  10. i love this Custom made brooo
    keep work hahahaha
    and if you join the competition,i wish you got no. 1 hahahaha because this Strike Freedom quite cool