Monday, January 9, 2012

Scarlet Gundam 01 [Remilia]- Teaser

this will be my future GBWC entry :D

(i think i missed some details there. ah well, at least the base look is there :D)

for further refining, need slimmer legs, and skirts will be better if made longer :D

aaaaaaaaaaand yes, gonna make that huge Yougen youkai thing as well :D

>.> to be frank, Zedas is now apart, Hi-Nu can't be painted as i don't have enough supplies and Impulse just fell off the desk (nothing broke except a peg for side skirt D:) so yea. i came up with this


  1. WAI-

    Ya using Nobel into Remilia ??

  2. brofist to ZD.
    I am currently snapfitting nobel berserker for stocking ^^

  3. @Heathorn brofist to Heat :D

    just that i am not going to start mine any soon ^^;;;

    1. eheheh, same here.
      nobel snapfitted, but I am still working on alt.

  4. The amazing thing about being bored haha. Good luck with this if you are going ahead with the idea! :D

  5. @Tom my past have scary histories of being bored XD and yeap, i am going with this idea :D

  6. Got news for you, someone I know is ALSO making a Remi-dam. With one unit from the SRW series.