Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 10

oh my, 10th WIP post already >.> oh well, lets go on :D

obligatory light piping unit XD

alright, somewhat i didn't snap out stuff in its flow-to-flow progress, but i think showing it out should be enough since it is rather straightforward. so yea. anyway, did quite some mods, simple ones, and now i am near to complete it up :D

and have a front shot. hardly any part is scratch built, most of them are taken from the kit itself. chopped, butchered to fit in place :D

armor on shoulder is from upper part of the shield, and joints on shoulder binders are covered with cut pieces from the knife holders

skirt armor from shield parts and yea, dat crotch XD

backshot, made the back skirt. gonna thicken it up. also made the backpack now

skirt armor, rather basic this time. will detail it up futher

backpack, recombined the cut parts previously, lower fins from shield and some scratch built vents

GN Condensers from SD OOQ

as for the vents,


glued into this

and finalized. and wow, such tedious work for a precise scratch build so that it will perfectly fit into the space in the backpack. but at least i pulled it through :D

rifle, kitbashed with few parts


and cut the shield to make a small shield which will also serves as the sword mount rack

the sword. scrapped the dual sword idea and went for single sword. got some pla plate parts here

major separable parts

and oh yeah, another beam saber for the shield also :D

and that's that. pretty much nailed the mods, and i shall be moving to cleaning up soon. on side note, the sword is rather heavy to pose with, and i also did broke few critical joints (in which magically fixed well :D) but yeah, gonna end up for a nice pose for it though

and that's all for now, thanks for reading


  1. Ohoho. So you nearly finished with this bad boy, eh? =)

    Wow, dual GN Condensers on the backpack, that's a surprise.

    I see that the rifle also performs the roll of a beam bayonet, along with the beam arm blade.

  2. Dayum, this is seriously nice.

    So, was the critical joints that broke were mostly on the sword area? >.>

  3. Always love the modification you put into a gunpla. I wanna ask your opinion, which one do you think more fun, customizing a 1/144 or bigger?

  4. @Bd, yea, happen to have those extra parts lying around XD and yea, going melee all out :D

    @Tsukinari *GASP*

    @CD thanks. the joint that broke is the hip ball joint >.>;;;;

    @h4msterworld imho, i think i like to mod 1/144s more. the scale is nice, and didnt need much materials to mod it up :D

  5. I'm usually not a fan of giant swords, but that looked nice!

    1. thanks! :D

      (oh hey yea, need to put in embedded then can have the reply function!)