Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AG Zedas WIP 1

i guess i'm just someone who likes to do stuff in the hard way

anyway, screw Zedas for its name. such obligatory, after Zeta Plus D

(ZeDas, get it? lulz)

and somewhat, nice kit

and snapfitted

ok, here's the plan. chop up the joints, relocated them, and freeze this up in a better pose. ok, lets do it

end up bashing it with trashed GN-X frame. somewhat fitting. and giving it joints too
"why not just wait for HG Zedas"

>>back to first line of this post

more sawing, chopping and blu-tacking. and beginning to take shape. proportionally good too

now, trying to set up and have good photography for FA SF. gonna be featured in Hobimax as one of the winning kits in Malaysia's GBWC :D (ps: i know i freaking hate that book for its google translated language, but at least the write-ups in on me, so yea, can do a bit of justice to the book and readers. and promotions too XD )

that's all for now


  1. ah maybe i should buy one and transforming him :)

  2. Like I've said before, some buffing up would do the trick. =D

  3. It's fun to see parts from other kit snaped nicely to the other ^^ You need to work on the proportion though

  4. @Aya looking forwards to see that :D

    @BD & h4masterworld ok noted :D

  5. Dayum, I seriously see something good coming along here.

    Again, me gusta. o.o