Friday, November 18, 2011

HG Strike Freedom- That Remaining 30%

ok, continuing back from where i left it before. do note, by this time, this is already completed, and available on display at Malaysia's GBWC 2011 until 23rd of November ^^

well, i'm pretty much done with my finals, and time to dig back those ideas i had during exam period XD

but, motivations also counts in >.>

ok, that big gun first. now to make it a real big gun

tack tack. PUT YA GUNS ON!!!
apparently, this one got 7 guns/rifles tacked on. Full Armor Strike Freedom Seven Shots? O.O

oh yea, cheapo skills. lazy to cut pla plate to form those frame design for skirts. i just masked them and paint :)

and lets have power cable too

can reach the second handle with no ease. gonna use this pose for compy

Dear FG Virtue..

Y UR PARTS SO NICE? lolololol so i cut off the particle tanks at Virtue's leg, and used it to extend the booster binders. actually thought of scratch building the extension, somewhat feel lazy to do SB

the Gun, finalized. took some parts from my scraps to remove the plainness in the looks

and to the part that actually give me headache

the base. me wanna simple one

this one is done when i worked on Jegan. tried to combine it with some metal frames from a hard disk, but never gets the shape. lastly, i cut it off, and it somewhat fit with my Koto MSG Stand. so yea~

the gun, primed. as for the 7 guns, 2 Strike Freedom's rifle, 2 Strike Freedom's railguns, 1 GN-X rifle, 1 Strike's rifle, and 1 DSSD Astray's rifle. yeap, 7 guns

added more plates and wings to the binders, to cover up hollowness and spicing up the shape

and I'm left with these 6 to be painted

base preshaded. when i put on the color layer, the preshade is still visible, but after i did enamel wash filtering, everything goes dull and shading were nowhere to be seen lol

and painting, decaling and topcoating


pose imma gonna use during compy. mainly to hide some flaws actually.

and thus i travel again from my home to compy site

ORZ happened. nothing like some superglue to fix this up
(what happened is that the backpack comes off and falls to the floor.and the fins apparently want to come off too)

and to the compy site

and what happened next is in my chains of GBWC post. part 1 already posted :)
that's all for now. this 1 year and few months work, is now completed. i shall come up with a wrap-up post before the gallery


  1. Lol, Full Armored Strike Freedom HWS/Seven Guns! XD

    Good job with it though, too bad about the broken pieces.

  2. that BFG is amazing, gotta love it!!

    my own opinion, the intense camo pattern in the end make it look too busy (white and black contrast).

    but overall the mods are GREAT!
    Good luck on the bakuc :D

  3. @Tom lol thanks, good thing it's broken at contact point, so fixing it will leave no marks :D

    @Heathorn thanks a lot bro :D
    yea, i thought the same for the camo, since the color is kinda to contrast, should had make the tone softer