Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011 (Side Malaysia) - Part 1

*POST UPDATED with complete photos of all contestants*

oh yes, this s my Pre-GBWC event coverage. will cover those behind the scene stuff XD
and btw, my first time joining GBWC, and also first time for me to come and actually view these masterpieces with my own eyes. supposedly i'll be posting the rest 30% WIP for my SF, but i think i'll post that later posted already, here

wanna skip straight to the result? here, part 2

and oh yeah, this one is at Sungei Wang plaza Kuala Lumpur. this one is for Open category, while Junior category is held at the Mines. and it will run from 18th november to 20th november

oh and btw, i got NUMBER 1!!!

.......for my registration number XD


kinda go wild with the shots during submission night, in case those who were there noticed a random roaming guy clad in black with a backpack going around and snapping photos with a crappy phone cam ^^;;; i divided this into 3 sections, the event setup, contestants' entries and displayed items and products

Event setup

kits to be displayed undergoing assembling process. FA UC yo! Base Jaber!!

even more kits. did played with some of these XD

kits to be sold off throughout the event. for the price, can say like RG is RM83. so yea


display case for entries.

Contestant's entries

Loto got bullied XD

Epic. Angry Birds, Gundam version XD

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. XD hahaha my own entry. full with flaws ^^;;;

HGUC FA UC. too bad no propellant tanks, since owner said they broke off :(


that Unicorn is HG btw. i myself was like "WTF BIG SINANJU"

a look on the whole display section.

how to put it? fun. very fun. hanging around, seeing those modelers in action ^^

Items, stuffs and kits on display. FA UC! RG FREEDOM!! BASE JABER!!!


gashapons stuff

hopefully those crappy shots of RG Freedom are enough. didnt have good cam for photographing ^^;;;

anyway, that pretty much wrap ups submission night for GBWC 2011 Malaysia. still got more entries that are submitted on the morning, in which i shall have those photo'd. so yea, will post up SF WIP after this. hopefully you guys enjoy the photos XD

and also, check up part 2 for the results :D

that's all for now


  1. >>even more kits. did played with some of these

    I JELLY U~!!! >.<

    By the way, good photos for the event. =D

  2. bro...you can see my unicorn equip with the propellant tanks and a little WIP..hehe



  3. bro, kat ne submission ni berlangsung? good luck for ur gunpla :)

  4. @Bd and Khaidir lol y so jelly XD

    @Nazree cool, that missing tanks XD

    @GedadoDicaprio it's at sungei Wang Plaza, KL. and thanks ^^