Thursday, November 24, 2011

ZD-CW : Gearing set and GO!

sorry for lame banner :P

but then, here it is. ZD-Base is now officially taking up commission works. well, mainly that now I'm on a longer break, and i somewhat kinda lazy to buy new stuff for me myself (mainly due to those pending worklogs i have, well, can finish that up later) so i thought of taking commission works so that i can keep my gunpla gears rolling and also providing some services to others :D

for now on, just this simple notice on this announcement, and i'll make a proper write up on the Commission page, after i get myself home (tomorrow, yea)

so yea, that's it :D


  1. So um, if I wanna bro did my gunpla, what should I include other than gunpla kit ?

  2. @Eva how you want the kit to be :)
    materials and paints and stuff will all be on me :D

  3. I see I see hehe ! See what kit I wanna cw then I'll tell ya. :)