Saturday, September 17, 2011

HG Strike Freedom- 70%?

not really a detailed WIP post unlike the rest of the post within SF tags, just showing the progress i managed to get to during my 2 weeks worth of break

shoulder getting readjustment, as the previous are proportion-killer. and here comes the FA part, courtesy of FG Virtue and HG GN-X

and more to follow, after

and something i did came up before the holiday, which i expect to help solve my backpack problem

yeap, Virtue's back cannons, combined with the backpack i SBed a while before

aaand, yeah, i chopped the SBed one

what about we throw some dragoons there?

in a way, pretty much almost finalize the mods. lets go on the parts in details

leg. armored, and extra lines added. armors are detachable, except for the rear thrusters. still haven't decide whether to keep it detachable or attach it permanently. interestingly, the armors are GN-X's leg armors, and the thruster is GN-X heel XD

torso section. forgot which shoulder adjustment is this, as it was like 4 or 5 adjustment i during during this break ALONE. anyway, arm armor from HG DSSD Astray's thigh armor. need a bit of cutting to allow undisturbed range of elbow motion

rear skirt armor. basically finalized long time ago, so yea

the thrusters of the backpack. i need a thruster to put in the middle part. although not really shown, but i further shortened the arm of the side thrusters (no more cannons yo)

murphy's law. hate it. the waist peg somewhat broke off during the work, revealing some flaws when i was filling the hollow joints baaaaaaaaaack when i was working on it, in the last 1 year.
yes people, this WIP, to an extent of 'awesomeness', has officially run for a complete 1 YEAR. and maybe my Impulse will have is 1 Year WIP celebration too, i guess
anyway, i forgot where did i get that new peg, i think it's either from parts that i cut off from Impulse, or parts from GN-X, or any of those in my scrapyard. anyway, inner core fix using 1.5 brass rod, and now still holding :)
oh yeah, h4msterworld came up with this post recently

and here's mine, except this is half of the standard messiness XD

suddenly, overall look

and oh yeah, that masking tape on the torso. somewhat the mid-torso swivel i did before is kinda annoying, and it actually broke off (during shoulder adjustment i guess) and so, with the new backpack, i opted for solid unmovable torso, so added 2 plates inside, and fix some brass rod for core fix

and this is the final design for the backpack. regrets? should had put the dragoons on the thruster a bit lower......

and now, i somewhat skipped on flaw fixing, which indeed screw this kit up. will come to them later, and patch up any of those that i am capable on

painting ahead

cobalt blue for dragoons, with dark gray preshade. dunno if the preshade are obvious enough. at least i got off from the tedious work on the 8 dragoons

upper body. color tweaks here and there. and should have painted the arm armors into the colors of the shoulder. will highlight the sides of the arm armor later

and the MS is painted. you can see somewhat cracks near the waist. will patch it using pla plates, precolored ones.

and the rifle. supposedly can finalize and paint the rifle, but i wasted my last few days of holidays doing nothing

back view. randomly spam some MSG on backpack so that it wont be that plain. 4 of 8 dragoons mounted

now back to school. i'll get to this after my finals, before GBWC.
oh yeah, the proportion now is the best :)


  1. Wow, knowing how the original out of box looks... and comparing it to this one...
    I'm in awe O_o.

  2. That'll make Jebus Yamato ultra-jealous... XD

  3. This... this...
    This mod is reeking of AWESOMENESS!


  4. *tabik spring*

    cun giler siot~~~~~


    I have nothing to say.. im speechless.... *rolls*

  5. Strike Freedom Heavy Weapon System? I like it! :D

  6. @Hiroy_Raind thanks :)

    @Zeon_Two_Six indeed it is, like hell im giving this to yamato XD

    @Bd thanks yo ^^

    @Tsukinari you just said something lolz

    @Tom no HWS, but Full Armor Strike Freedom :)

  7. on shap! those last 3 shots... i jizzed my pants! lol

    i cant believe the difference, and still 30% to go?! exciting times ahead :D

  8. @Rockleelotus lol bro, get a hold on yourself XD i doubt that 30% too, still got a plenty to do ^^;;;