Monday, October 3, 2011

RGM-96X Jesta- Concept Plan 2

those aren't Tron glow bands. those are NT-D glow, before the armors segregate and reveal the Psycho Frame. Yes, aside from the custom color, i will also implement NT-D into this beast. and yeap, all will be lighted up. by rough estimation, might need like 6 LEDs. this is going to be fun, stuffing all the wiring and stuff to a 1/144 kit, 6 LEDs somemore. and btw, the psycho frame are to be built using clear pla plates. got that coming right now.

i just marked any places possible for inserting psycho frame but i suppose all be different when i got the kit in hand.


  1. oo nice concept.. i just planned mine.. haven't got it yet.. but planning :3

  2. Tron glow LOL! Ur concept's really cool, NT-D system for a jesta, hmm me gusta:D

  3. Wow, multiple LED on 1/144?
    Good luck, can't wait to see the results! :D

  4. Wait what... SIX LEDS?! You've gone bonkers~! XD

    A Jesta with NT-D, the strongest Jesta yet (and maybe on pair with other NT types of MS).

    Can't wait to see your progression.

    p.s. just DON'T destroy it... >.>

  5. @Khaidir same, still planning. it will be long before i will actually buy this XD

    @Daymien thanks bro :D

    @Hiroy_Raind yea, trying the least possible sometimes XD

    @Bd Elite unit made more elite :D

    ah, yea, wish me luck <.<

  6. wohoo, NTD Jesta
    very COOL, ZD!!
    cant wait to see next WIP.

  7. @Heathorn thanks bro, wish me luck sbing those psycho frame from clear pla plates :)

  8. Now this is interesting, NT-D in a Jesta hmmm.... :D
    Waiting for the completed result then :D

  9. @Canopy please wait patiently for it :)