Sunday, September 4, 2011

Liquidstone Izayoi Sakuya WIP1

"My name is Izayoi Sakuya. I'm the maid of the Devil who opposes God. An ordinary human, who can use an ability capable of manipulating time." -The Flying Dutchman, Kemonomichi

"Conjuring....Misdirection!" -Elemental 8 Part 2, Kemonomichi

Yeap, one of the thing that i am hunting so long
Poseable Figure Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou Project) By Liquidstone. just a heads up, this is the recast version of the actual one, making it to be 3 times cheaper than the actual one. but things and quality are just the same :)

a bit on the character itself, Izayoi Sakuya, usually defined as Perfect and Elegant Maid, is the chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, who serves the Scarlet Devil, Remilia Scarlet. An ordinary human, with great skills with knife-throwing, and special ability of being capable to entirely stops the time. in my view, an awesome character, and pretty much badass with knives and all the stuff. so yeah. kinda wanna talk more, but will be best to do the research yourself :)

(STRICT WARNING : No comments on the pad meme, or i will react furiously on it. i give not a SINGLE SHIT to meme and fandom crap stuff)Link

have a test shot of the completed figure!

btw, as mentioned, this is a resin kit, and assembly is required. yeap, resin, and you should be aware on how the nubs and works will be. anyway, first resin kit, first figurine, and yeah, welcome to next grade of modeling :D

yeah, simple boxart, and the parts are nicely packed

inside the box....we have

107 resin parts totaled up, 3 pages of manual with missing pages (orz), 1 water slide decals for the eyes and expressions, 5 packs of joints, 1 metal rod for the mop, 1 rubber tube (dunno for what) and that's it. a note, this kit needs 2 packs of Wave's Option System Series PC-03 Plastic Support1 which is not included in this kit AND in the original kit. so yeah, find your own of that

now, resin kit eh, so....

this is to be expected. HUGE HUGE NUBS

sample of removed nubs. kinda a pain to clean the nubs, as you basically need every tools you need. i used nipper, knife, sandpaper, file, minisaw (yeap) and some more stuff. i did chipped a part off when removing the nub ^^;;;

nubs galore....

but in a way, cleaning resin nubs is somewhat fun and distracting, so yeah.

meido skirt test fit

meido chest test fit :3

feet, complete assembly. 1 shoe piece, and 3 stocking pieces, along with a joint part. do note, throughout the assembly, pretty much every joint and polycaps need trimming, so be prepared

head test fit, with blank expression. for the braids, they suggest you to use a runner piece from the joint as the core support to joint the braid, ribbons and end piece of the braid. i think that it can be weak, so i went and drill 1mm hole and use metal rod as support, which is much more solid.

mop test fit. the "wool" is movable, yet still need more support work there

and so far, this is what i got. also assembled the lower torso

and i just went ahead and do more nub cleaning

Sakuya's pantsu. black and laced wwwwwwwwwwww

yeap. 16 knives. 16 knives of blue and red. eat your heart out Figma and Figutto Sakuya, especially Figma Sakuya. your pins have nothing to go against these

4 different faces included, with the smiling face having an extra piece. these face got their own mouth piece, but there's only 3 included, making it to have 1 extra face. i might recast the mouth piece for the extra

and these, arms and legs, will clean them during assembly, as the guide for left and right is marked on the nubs. so yeah

nubs, so far. nyaw

that's it for LS Sakuya. further progress will be made once i got the missing polycaps.


  1. Fi-na-ly~
    Someone is doing a review on her~

    I shall wait warmly for it.


  2. This seems fun, building a figurine by yourself:D

  3. Huge nubs lol. Surprise that the, ahem, panties aren't molded on the body ifself. Hope your wearing a mask while you're sanding all that resin.

  4. @Bd yes, please wait warmly for that. all i need is a better cam :D

    @Daymien yeap, something different in a while ^^;;

    @Tom yea, the panties arent molded together as it will holds the ball joint for the hips

  5. man i seriously need to get my first resin kit xp.

    bad thing is, it is expensive. way more expensive than a mg kit.

  6. @Munkey lol, just take your time and take it easy. handling resin is way much harder than doing a PG or MG, i say

  7. wow looks forward for this :)

    the Joint parts included looks so familiar ? ^^

  8. @Aya yeah, the joint is kinda like revoltech's not as ratchety as revo's, this one moves smoothly