Saturday, September 3, 2011

Testing #2

a test video, taken using my phone cam, of DOTM Deluxe Bumblebee's transformation

i think the video should be clear enough, pretty much almost accurate with how Bee actually transforms in the movie- arms from below of car, head comes out from front boot, legs from rear boots. and yeah, pretty much Zeta-ish transformation for the upper body and arms :3

in a way, the Mechtech weapon, supposedly you cannot lock them in expanded form for Deluxe class (with exception of Deluxe StarScream) but mine somehow can lock itself well. so yeah.

and, supposedly i post on LS Sakuya first, but somewhat the new blogger layout uses the new editor, in which i less prefer than classic editor. can't find a way to switch back to old editor, so i changed back to old layout. nyaaw

ok, that's it for now


  1. @Khaidir i say it is pretty good for a Deluxe. i like the transformation, and robot mode is well-proportioned. although i say HFTD Battle Blade Bumblebee is the best deluxe bumblebee out there

  2. i saw the Movie Exclusive Ver
    looks not bad though.. front engine cover has the autobot logo.. XD but
    now its a Cross over in my mind.. MG 7swords or the Leader Class Strike optimus prime O_O"

  3. @Khaidir movie exclusive mean the one like having all nascar marking all over it? if im not wrong, that one is one of the earliest mold of BB, and i think the DOTM one is better.

    Leader Strike Optimus, yea, monster peterbilt

  4. I Hope Strike Optimus Doesn't cost so much as Jet Wing Prime =o="

  5. @Khaidir Striker optimus is like 9k yen something....kinda like the price of jetwing? O.o