Monday, December 31, 2012

Hi-Nu Gundoom- WIP 3

 would be better for an annual wrap up post rather than this, but i want to clear off any post backlogs before welcoming 2013. and a rather overdue one. continuing on Hi-Nu Gundoom, first actually the first kit i got on to ever since i'm home for summer break, yet i put off posting the last part of the WIPs, going for Byarlant instead. nonetheless, lets give this kit chances to show its colors~

 laid them out and begin to self-blaming for putting it off for so long! lolz

i had some color schemes tested on lineart, and after some thoughts, i went for some red scheme. well, lets get to it

oh and here's the current setup for my paint booth. not 100% healthy, but yea. makeshift one too

using papers to aid with masking sure helps cutting off time taken for masking and also cutting off the expenses for masking tapes :3

paint -> mask -> paint -> mask -> paint
 later i realized that i forgot to mask the lower portion of the skirt orz

 parts galore. red galore. shades of red. damn the funnels are so annoying to paint >_<

even more paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarts.

tried out multiple shades of a color on close proximity. RG style :3

overall look at all the painted parts. somewhat 2 tones of red, and orange. the white is off white, offset using some red to make it blend in with the overall red color scheme. the frame is mix of black, gold and silver, more portion to the silver

painted parts in close details. some parts doesn't seems to wanna have the paint sticking on the surface all that way, contributing to some of the major flaws i had on this build :\

built and ready for next step. man i love his stance :3

 decal time :D
 the decals included with the kit are lovely. thin enough and they grip on well. plus i also have Mr Mark Softer to aid with the job. had some decals sitting on the panel lines, and they look wonderful ^^

 topcoat time! and i finish it off with semi gloss coat, always my favourite, i love how semi gloss finishes gunmetal painted parts

 and not to forget to give the last coat to the bbgi guy himself

and here's an overall shot, testing out on how i should had him for the gallery. man, he's huge and wide >_<

that's all for now folks. may 2012 had been a great year (well we survived 'apocalypse' XD) and may 2013 be another great year too. happy new year :D


  1. Love the paint apps :3. really clean 8D

    1. thanks, wait till you see in close up of the flawed parts XD

  2. Reminds me of the colors used on the MG Zeta Plus A1. And Happy New Year!

    1. close enough, if the white is more orange then it will be zeta plus a1 haha

      and a happy new year to you too!