Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TF Prime: Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime

and when all are the most unwary, a blog post!

well, yeah, TFP hits me good. i didn't expect on how bad i'll get hook to TF series, mainly since i prefer the real robot type (Gundam etc) and yeah, all i wanted after the live action trilogy was one decent TF figure. and then i picked up and watch the Prime series. so good it is, so bad the figures are (most of them). nonetheless, here's the budget (budget?) version which is kinda neat, and packed something worth looking into

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taking look at this little bugger version of this Big-O, it sure accomplished a lot that some of the larger class toys couldn't. nonetheless, a rather playful figure itself

truck mode. or alternate mode. or disguise mode. or whateveryoumachagonnacallit mode. you can PUT TEH GUNZ ON some other spots, like the top of the roof, the sides of the doors or the sides of the front cab. logic or senses in the positions depends on your own -in-sanity

back view, surprisingly accurate, and nice looking. pardon the random clear blue though

this version of the mold come with the two signature guns. details are nicely done, and the size is good. not too small (coughweaponizercough) or not too impractical (coughpowerizercough)

and the robot form itself. the back and the front cab makes the legs, the side of the cab makes the arms, and the top roof portion brings the shoulders and the random head popping out of nowhere. proportionally good, and actually using the vehicle mode windscreen as the chest plate (COUGHCOUGHFEDELUXEVOYAGERWEAPONIZERCOUGHCOUGH)

lil bit hollow due to parts management, but overall look is nice :3

articulation wise, it's good for this tiny bugger. elbow and knee goes 90', quite wide motion for the hip, the shoulder isn't restricted (except the shoulder plate) and a neck joint :D (dammit why no neck joint on cyberverse megatron???)

can either PUT TEH GUNZ ON the grip or at some ports on the back

i guess these 3 photos will be self-explanatory ;3

love the face sculpt. looks better than the FE Voyager in some ways

size comparisons with some of the other cyberverse commander that i happen to have in hand

and with the FE Voyager, the actually big one itself. overall it's a good a nice lil figure to have, to transform, to play, to toss around with :3

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  1. Those are pretty good action poses can pull but the thighs looks a bit of mismatch compare to the overall body.