Sunday, December 30, 2012

HGUC Byarlant Custom WIP 3

 aaand as i got up to thhat is, not much on the third post, pretty much almost done everything. the mod that is not much on the painting whatsoever. nonetheless, here's the bits of the last works, and as i thought that i had accomplished enough already, there aren't much to show :3
 random shot to begin the post XD

time to work on the openings that i cut open on the back thruster unit

 first we'll have a pla-rod in there, to create the foundation for what to come later

  and now for some annoying task. cut these buggers. it is just that annoying raaaaaaaaaaaawr

 and then get them glued on together and you'll get..

 vent fins. well uh not the best in the world but good enough for first attempt. somewhat. and at this point i realized that i need to cut more of that tiny buggers orz

 how it is when all vents are put on. not all the bad, since it will be in dark colors, the unevenness aren't all that obvious /shot

 and i just went ahead adding bits of pla plate here and there. not adding much since i think the extra panel lines are already more than enough. also did re-leveled the front chest piece and the head crest

 and the first shot of surfacer is for surface check~ now proceeding to cleanup

since there aren't much to cleanup on the yellow parts, got them painted first. Gaia sunshine yellow with some drops of scarlet.

that's all for now, more to come soon :D


  1. The mod post of the knee is definite thing I'd be doing.
    Add MOAR detail eh? Hmm... Seems plausible.

    1. some parts are just that bare that i couldn't even bear, hence the details added :3

  2. ZD is fired up :D

    Btw you can try using evergreen plastic strip for the vent fins. They come in different sizes for you to combine.

    Happy New Year, ZD!

    1. yea, wished those are more readily available for me. and a happy new year to you too!