Sunday, December 23, 2012

HGUC Byarlant Custom WIP 2

 i feel the drive in me now....GUNPLA DRIVE ON!

 more stuff accomplished :D and by far, i don't do any detailing involving pla plates yet, most are all from scribing extra panel lines

one of the biggest complaint i heard for Byarlant is these hollow parts, funnily for all claws of the arm and feet. filled them in with epoxy putty, and waiting to be sanded flush

following my shoulder mod, i went more on it by adding more panel lines. while i previously claimed to be bad at detailing, think i got better now. somewhat haha

and the details on the shoulder frame just scream for more screen time. opened up more of the armor, as well as managing the seam lines. gonna add pla plates to improve the looks later

 and yeah, just being a little bit attentive and consistent to the details.  followed the vent style on the Robot Damashii. i initially thought of removing the bump on HG and rebuild new vent using pla plates, buuuuuuuuut i got lazy so yea lol

moar panel lines. panel lines, panel lines everywhere! gotta say i enjoy scribing extra panel lines on Byarlant :D


oh and i also revised the LED mod for the head. now more secure, more practical and i'm gonna have the power source outside the kit

 lovely lighting, using yellow LED, which kinda works. can see my hand holding the battery just under the head

 and the mobility of the neck is still retain, unhindered. how i did that?

i had the central peg hole opened up to have a space for the LED to sit on. i trimmed off the upper part of LED head too, and the lighting is directly projecting to the holes and openings to the visor. and if you noticed, i used Wave 1.0mm spring for the connection.

the springs are then made their way to the collar piece, into the head and leave the body through the spine portion. using springs make it easier to maneuver the connection in the body, and you see in the previous pic, i inserted the LED legs into the spring and they are all connected firm and secure ^^

 aaaaaaaaaaaaand i just can't resist from doing some articulation mod. some cuts and you're there. and where to cut?

this sure reminds me of my HGUC Unicorn Destroy knee joint mod XD. trimmed off that upper section as it bumps to the bending of the knee

and i'm  not sure if you guys can make it or not, but i removed some plastic from the behind of the knee polycap. left is after and right is before, hope you guys can see the differences ^^;;

and that's all for the second WIP. will get on modding a little bit more, and i can call it done :D (of course there will be cleanup and painting coming afterwards lol)


  1. Ah, sweet ~

    Though here dun have such spring in store, had to go online *sigh* but then great idea on the LEDs here.

    That hindrance on the legs parts, pretty straight cut for better pose haha ~

    1. same here, had to jack those springs only. and yeah, the cut parts aren't obvious anyway haha

  2. ZD is back!
    Cool idea for the LED and spring.
    And your panel lines look great!

    So u are now back in Malaysia?

    1. yea, back in malaysia escaping summer heat of aussie haha

      sure feel odd when 8 months no modelling then suddenly come back again ^^

  3. Happy holiday welcome back to gunpla business :)

    he led mod is great

    1. thanks :D time to fully spend time on gunpla /shot