Friday, January 4, 2013

HGUC Byarlant Custom WIP 4

 this is going to be the last WIP post, and it's going to be a colorful one :D

painting time!

 how will be the color scheme? a little tweak to the original, and also tweaking with the tones ;)

 my green versus stock green. more deep and bright

and beware. this post reeks with masking. first masking

now that's more like it. adding the grey so that it will blend with the frame better

oh and we got mail!


 YEAAAAAAAAAAAP. like hell i'm gonna use the provided stickers. waterslides is always the way to go. thoughts on Samueldecal later ^^

here's the blue parts. mine are brighter and less deep than the stock

 told you so. mooooooooooooore masking

have yet to make my version of any White Unicorn unit, so consider this a practice for that ;)

and for the major light blue parts, i have mine darker

the rest of the parts, dark blue-ish grey of some sort

i almost puked at this one. screw you Byarlant and your fancy paintjob

turned out pretty well so i'm happy with that. though i don't think i'm gonna do a second Byarlant in future >.>

and for the frame parts. lighter color, slightly brown

and how do all the colors work as one unit?

i'd say lovely as i prepare for decal and topcoat

and for a random timeskip

he's done. and photos are ready too. i'll have the gallery up soon

and for some unnecessary take on details, i had the rear head sensor with a clear piece, cut, trimmed, sanded and polished from the clear runner

that's all folks, the beast is done and wait for the pics! ^^