Thursday, January 23, 2014

SD Knight Unicorn WIP 1

 one month left for summer break! hard at work, hard at work!



probably among the interesting knight type so far (well, anything UNICORN is interesting lol)
since i havent build SDs for a while, picked this one up to remedy the lack of SD build

 still contemplating on whether to keep the chrome or not. but damn this looks good

 and this too!

anyway, WIP time, ain't a ZD works with no extra job

 added extra width to the legs by putting 1mm pla plate along the seams, and added somewhat better thigh. planned for knee joint, but skipped since it's going to be useless anyway

 the side skirt was held using a pair of bar peg, which prone to coming off fairly easily. changed that to magnets

 here's the fun part. the painted one has this random black lines on the gold striping, which is present on the provided stickers. since im going to paint it whole, recreated such effect by scribing random lines on what will be the gold regions

 overall look so far. pretty much done with the mods, cleanup next

 oh and also added 1mm to each sides of the chest, which aint gonna be visible in masked mode anyway XD

and putty to patch up the hollow parts. sanding these along with some seams, flash lines and excess pla plates


  1. wow such a cool sd unicorn, maybe wil look amazing if repaint Mygundamtricks

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