Friday, January 3, 2014

RG Strike Freedom WIP 1

 ahhhh the inevitable release of Strike Freedom in Real Grade line. follow me in this pioneer endeavor into this much excitement embodied line from bandai


anyway, fear not, i don't break that part right off the bat, actually broke that after done snapfitting the kit, mainly due to my own mishandling. as a result, no more fancy sliding thigh armor, but what the heck,not much of a loss

 but seriously, the armor sliding thung on the legs are damn awesome tho

 PG gimmick successfully reproduced in 1/144 RG, sans being manual and not automated unlike PG counterpart. still pretty nice, though the red part is pretty annoying to get up (maybe why i dont see much reviewers deploy the red piece)

 unlike RG Destiny and its horribly design clown shoes, this guy hits the all right spot as if he's shooting at you on full burst

many points to appraise for the articulations. getting the main frame loose first definitely helps with the posing, and most of the joints are free and unhindered. minus the toe joint that seems to accomplish nothing in all RGs. mine had few very tight spots, at which getting them loose caused some other joints to get pretty loose. nothing but fixable so yea

sanding off the nubs from all these buggers aint fun

nor on those blue blokes

 points for the rifle for being able to combine and having both rifle to be able to extend. in case your combined rifle isn't long enough

now, earlier planned for some little mods, like putting the second flaps on the calf rear thrusters, but with me getting bit lazier ( and Kancolle having another event right now doesn't even help) so yea, ended up going straight for the repaint. oh and breaking the thigh part earlier also suck the mod-tivations outta me too

used my 2 years old gaia bright gold. weird result. veeery weird. doesn't look like gold

 compared to another owner of the same gold, my FA SF that is. veeeeery different

and of course later on i found out that it is due to me not mixing the paint properly, getting only most of the clear color and not the sliver flakes outta the gold bottle. but that problem is remedied and we get--

 proper gold, like how it supposedly be. kinda bit pale tho, but this will do. now we're talking

actually had the right box in bright gold  and bit of clear black, just to shift the tone a bit. though the differences between the two golds are rather too subtle, but it is there

 not sure if can make out the different golds from this

 got the whole frame painted. going to leave the wings chrome as it is, too lazy to strip them off.

 just couple more shots trying to make out the two tone golds

think this one shows it better.

yeap, this is bound to happen at some point. anyway, going away from home for a week, so anything more on SF will have to wait for me to return back home. might wanna get everything painted fast. stock color scheme, but with a bit of a twist, so do look forward to it


  1. Wow. Love the gold you used on the frame. Only had mine built OOB though.

    BTW, a word of advice: prep your action base once you get the DRAGOONS installed...

    1. the gold somehow turns out to be kinda more brass for some reason ^^;;;

      and yeap, finished all today and oh boy, it's HARD to get it to stand hahah