Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flowering Night 2012!

This coming weekend! 12/5 to 13/5! Flowering Night! TOOUWAAAAUAWWAAAAAAH

Reimu! Sanae! Fight!!

then again, i don't really listen to much circles, and i actually only focus on one circle, Kimi no Bijutsukan/ Kimino Museum/ Your Museum. love them, their arranges and their vocals (Fi-fy & 723 <3 <3 )

oh, and who wouldn't hate guitar broom MC Satoshi Kuroiwa? www and ever since Cherose left the team, seems like he's handling the male vocal. looking forward to see on how he's doing it ^^

i might give a shot on other circles too, but looking at FN 2011, Witches' Ball by Fi-fy Marisa, Patchu Ranko and 556t Margatroid is just one heck of a combo. wonder if they gonna do the same for this year's? ww

have some sample songs for KimiBi ww

Magus Night

Ran Yakumo's Spiritualism

Flandre Scarlet

might give a shot to other circles, might get hooked on them www

well then, i shall continue on my assignments...hahah..hahahahaha ^^;;;;


  1. Mr Dean the Jazzman says, give Sound CYCLONE and Sound of Swing a listen!

    (OK that's a lie - he didn't actually said that - but he'll probably say something along the line ww)