Sunday, March 3, 2013

HGUC Gelgoog Jager WIP 2

 YOU DARE POST THE SECOND PART OF THE WIP WHILE THE COMPLETED PICS HAD ALREADY BEEN SWARMING THE NET??? what i am telling myself right now. lotsa thing occured within short time period, and some stuff do get a bit off-hand. so yea, some stuff are bound to be neglected, but this is the time to catch up on that

anyway, some may have already seen the completed stuff, but i have to go thru and had everything off the draft. here we go~

 LED modification knows no end. but it always calls for a start

 and yeap. i told myself to not do much with Jager, and yea. i ended up scratch building a cannon for it. and added LED to that. and SB'd radome disc to house the flat button battery i used for the power source. brb, eating back my own words

 and yea, here's the overall look of the modding, sans primer color. while i didn't used to SB much, this one turned out rather well, so yea

 back shot. adding the cannon makes the overall looks rather imbalanced. and when i realized the cannon hindered the slot for the tanks, i had both of the tanks on the bland side, and somewhat balanced out the looks.

 with everything powered up. first of my kit to have 1: more than 1 LED 2: to have independent power source
rather happy with what i'm having here

 closeup look on the cannon. and yea, SBing that radome disc is pure pain in da arse. mate.

 and i also added this thing, that i shamelessly declared as INCOM unit

 all painted up. bland color scheme because i am just that lazy to think of a proper one. just grab'em them silver and mix'em grays and whalla~

completed, powered, and in stance. full gallery coming up soon

and btw, i now have returned back to aussie, and i had some materials to fill in the blog for the rest of the course of the year. looking at the syllabus, this year can turn out unforgiving so yea, pardon the lack of updates from time to time. anyway, expect some fish stuff, and some transformers review (mainly ones that i got tagged along with me) and probably....ahem...Ojou-sama's coverage


  1. This is quite a reverse of many WIP posting. lol.
    A WIP post AFTER the kit had completed, that's a rare one. lol.

    p.s. Good job on the modding.

    p.s.s. nice tooth brush. XD

    1. can't help, sidetracked by live-time facebook /shot

      and lol, toothbrush is vital!! XD

  2. This is a good Mod. Love the red LED