Monday, March 4, 2013

HGUC Gelgoog Jager Custom

and here's the complete gallery for my Gelgoog Jager, did this for Scale Modelers League monoeye group build.
the name can spark arguments, as the spec kinda makes it as a part of S-Gundam's Task Force Alpha, and some folks kinda want to throw in the name Cannon, which clashes with the existing Gelgoog Cannon. in the end, a simple Custom solves everything in

 supposedly be a quick, simple, straight build but things ended up rather off-hand for some reasons

with moar LEDs!

-added LED to the monoeye
-metal cast texture effect on the shoulder, back skirt and calf
-detailed up arm vulcan with 1.5mm brass tube
-increase torso length by 1mm
-lengthen side skirt by 1.2mm
- added details using pla plate
- reposition the shoulder peg as a result of a failed shoulder mod
- scratch build an overhang cannon with LED in the barrel
-reposition the propellant tanks to compensate with the overall balance of the look as well as managing the extra parts
-scratch build radome disc that also serves as the battery case
-custom color scheme

and to be frank, this is my first kit to have more than 1 LEDs and also to have independent power source, or lets say power source embedded to the kit assembly rather than having battery hanging outside the kit

i don't want to type much, so enjoy the photos

guess that should do it. overall, i'm pretty happy to have this as the closing for my 2012/2013 summer modelling session. pretty happy with how things turned out for him, especially with some of the sudden add-on

anyway, feel free to check out the WIPs too ^^
1. WIP 1
2. WIP 2


  1. ZD ninja build! :thumbs up:

    You can always spend more time to refine the SB cannon, ZD, eheheheh

    I like how you position the cannon and the tanks, makes it unique :D

    1. haha, wished i had more time for it, but then, it is completed when i was just few days away of leaving home yet again ^^;;; thanks bro