Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HGUC Gelgoog Jager WIP 1

next project, and for Scale Modelers League facebook group Monoeye group build :D


 frankly speaking i dislike the aesthetics of Zeons, mainly due to the proportional balance. but, Jager hits me at a spot, mainly due to the sort of Gundam-ish design i guess. well, the skirt and the feet that sway from how Gelgoogs used to look like. nonetheless, onto the hunter!

and yes, those are some humongous feet and calf, but i can't say no to the skirts lolz

to begin with, extended the torso height by 1mm

added 1.5mm brass tube to the arm vulcans

for some reason, aside from the lovely color separation on this old kit, it also comes with a clear piece for the monoeye. and that calls for some lights ^^

some more cutting because the bell bottom scraps the floor much

being an older kit, and with all my past experiences with kits sporting ball hip joint, i moved 1 step ahead by reinforcing it with 1.5mm brass tube

some more extra panel lines

the rifle is held on wobbly, so brass tube and some hole are to keep it still 

 extended the side skirt by 1.2mm for no particular reason

 think i didn't do much mods, so adopted for metal cast surface on some armors

 another look on the one at the calf

 also did articulation mod on the shoulder, but it didn't add much other than making the shoulder wider and with more visible gap :\  anyway, that's pretty much what i'm gonna do for him, so finishing is soon ^^


  1. Cast iron effects for the lower extremities, hmm... wonder what colour scheme you be opting for this guy.

    Also, about the head: LET THERE BE LIGHT (literally)

  2. Lights are the right of all sentient monoeyes lawl