Monday, March 26, 2012

Hallet Cove- Rock Viewing (waitwhat)

went for a field trip for my Geology subject (well, yeah, i am in Biotech degree but i took this as my elective so yea)

anyway, have some pics from the trip. Hallet Cove beach is quite a place, so yea. but do expect to see rocks and rocks.

(i must admit i do like beaches to some extent)

Black Cliff

wild Proton Satria appears! XD

anyway, that's about it. pretty much rocks and rocks endlessly XD

that's all for now, i guess i'll be posting this kind of stuff for some period now >.>

(and again, i forgot Patche despite she's in my bag >.>)


  1. Nice rocks owo

    No Patche again? -throw green box-

  2. Haha feel like placing some of my uglydolls in those shots! lovely place to be i must say ^^

    1. Oh yes it is, now i felt very terrible for forgetting the existence of my chibi Patchouli in my bag that time >_<

  3. Rocks, rocks and more rocks. Magnificent pieces of art, they are.

    Ah, the old Satria. More comfortable than the new ones.