Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MSG AGE- Thoughts and stuffs


 definitely one of the best gundam face design ever!

been a year since it first aired, with so many loves, hates, speculations, spoilers, trivia, random stuffs, trolls, fans, haters, lovers and such, and MSG-AGE has finally wrapped up. three generations, 4 main protagonist Gundams, random wears, timeskip and such, prepare for my final and overall thoughts on this highly-conspired (conspired?) series.

must admit thought, this is the first gundam series that i actually follow accordingly to its broadcasting period, so yeah, i enjoyed it.

overall, i think it is a good series. flaws, goods, positives and negatives here and there, one may argue and take all the times, spaces and bytes possible, but it is to be noted, there is no perfect series nor bad series, all up to personal preferences. the early promo of the franchise can be a bit misleading, with attention mainly directed over the fact that this installment of gundam series puts its direction towards younger audiences, but as how one may be familiar with things that has Gundam forged in its title, it is to be expected that a Gundam series will perfectly aimed for its own fans and shippers

there were new and standard concepts introduced for G-AGE, and i'd say it's all for the best. kiddy art style? well, that could possibly applies for some characters, but throw in gruesome and grim elements and you get a happy viewer. imho, the art style, isn't all that kiddy, in fact i think it is a very normal and acceptable art style. and speaking of grim and gruesome, G-AGE is sure one. kinda think it is much more gruesome than previous G-00 or GS/D. they put unnecessary amounts of blood, wounds and such (the last of the Phantom Three got quite a disturbing look, pre-death D:). character deaths a plenty, lotsa memorable, honorable ones and such. that pretty sets things up for a better verdict for me haha

concepts, Vagan and their plan are well executed, though may look a bit nonsensical at some angle (not just Vagan) (seriously, talking on sense in a fiction? WHAT ARE WE) but really sets things for the show. techs are rather interesting, though lacks of further elaborations, insufficient to beat G-00 and its extensive coverage over their worshipped pixie dust of magical powers. in a way, that seems unnecessary for me as for enjoying the show. AGE-system is rather interesting, the Builder, Wear concept and such. and so does how happy designers are

story-wise, delivery was rather good though time skips and episodes number leave to many plot holes to be filled in with speculations and MSVs. the splitting to three arcs is a good move, allowing focus on each of the Asunos and their development. Flit's arc sets things good, Asemu's gathered them fanboys and girls, but a bit weak on Kio's as a wrap up to this 100 years conflict. though i'd say Battle of Olivernotes is quite a grand battle for an opening battle :D in overall, it's rather a Flit's story compared to things like the three generations, but there are appeals in that

 good ol Furrito yay!

all in all, i'm all positive with the series. there sure be many question marks to be answered as the series ends up, but that is all not important. i enjoyed it, though some may not. for me, it kicked thing off with good impression in the beginning, leaped to a peak during the glory of SUPA PILOTO but a lil bit letdown, especially how it got ended. still nice though. MS designs are good, and some even got amazing names (JII ZAIFOS!) and while i have all the kits but only AG Zedas, i look forward to some of the kits that already be in my list. though i'd appreciate a Genoace O-Custom and AGE-1 Full Glanza, if not, only Glanza.

that should do it.


  1. The WEARS concept shows the modularity of weapon systems according to situations needed. And gave Bandai a Good excuse in milking the kits.

    The Vagan units are pretty unique compare to their Earth-born units and yes, some are down-right... odd.

    Like you, this is also my first series that I'm watching according to it's airing (on YouTube), incidentally airing on YouTube WITH subs really expands the fan-base (for good or bad).

    What saddens me the most is... the AGE-Builder... T_T *sobs*

    1. Agreed with you, one of the best CGI porn ever made, the AGE-Builder. too bad it's all for the best development in the last battle

      though they could make new ones considering the AGE-Device still contains the blue print, imho

  2. Still a good series but I must say the enemy designs are really very unique or out of this world haha. Nevertheless it did gave us pirates and that supa pilot owns X rounders :P

  3. I still enjoyed watching it every week. Though in the last season, some vagan ace pilots are suddenly introduced and killed in 1 or 2 eps....this is weird.....

    1. same here bro, nothing else but to wait for sunday gundam moments haha

      and yeah, that thrown-in-character-so-that-we-can-kill is a plenty in AGE

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    1. hi, and first of all, it will be appreciated if you state where your location are, as that will help to direct you to the nearest gundam resources. thanks

    2. i want find gundam model in kota bharu ....what place have buy

    3. oh i see. here's the current two shops we got in KB now

      playstorage is in front of HUSM and crux is near city roundabout (haven't been here though)

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  6. Gundam AGE does stand out in different ways from previous Gundams. Vagan MS give us an extraterrestrial feel to them, along with the concept of fighting a war down the generations in the same family, though you have a point that the story mostly revolves around Flit despite having his son and grandson taking over as protagonist in the later arcs. Though I do feel the ending is quite rushed, and that more loose ends can be tied up smoothly.