Thursday, June 28, 2012

National Railway Museum

finished my finals around....last week? and yeah, i had gotten pretty bored. got a camp and a trip coming up, but i just don't know what to do during the time before those two stuffs so yea, decided to go and see stuff around my place. so here am I, Port Adelaide, 5 km from Woodville North (my home, here in Australia)

mainly went to visit these museums that they have here, managed to go through two before time constraint hits on me. so, here, have at it, National Railway Museums

tl;dr Trains

wiki page here

oh look! trains!

train and railway models. kinda nice. love the way on how they set it up so that the setup will be activated when someone enters in the display section

oh yea, they have this mini-train that goes around the site twice. worth getting on it and have a ride along (makes up for what you paid too ww)

here's an attention XD

RX93 Densha!

RX93! Niu Densha wa date janai!!

ohai there

Mind the Yukari. Mind the hag-*gapped*

so i heard you like cats

and btw, here's a video on how the ride looks like

so, yea, that's it. how long had it been since i last actually posted here? ^^;;;


  1. for a moment there i thought i saw a zombie for display XD
    too much l4d for me XD.
    suddenly a wild Astro Train decepticons appears XD

    1. then i shall hope for a Knight Morpher Commander then XD

  2. I can only reply with this...!

    1. oh nice train

      (other than that....what the f*ck?)

  3. LOL rx93 train!
    I bet that one is transformable and can deploy bits