Saturday, September 26, 2009

HG OO Gundam (part 5)


Full Armed OO Gundam Front side and Rear side
This is how he looks without weapons...

His absolute range of articulation....his articulation is almost at the range of a MG

Best kneeing pose ever made for a HG kit..notice the effects on the GN Condenser...

This also suggest how good his articulations

Plus!!!!He got some inner frames!!!!!He got frames for half of his leg portion..

close-up on the Frames

Weaponry and arms.....including GN beam saber(no beams), GN sword II, GN Shields(combinable)
Mark weapons for OO Gundam Before the GN Sword III arrives
it has two modes=rifle and sword mode
they also can be combined.......connectors only available in O Raiser kit...also for GN shields

next....OO Gundam poses and OO Raiser

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