Friday, September 11, 2009

HG OO Gundam (part 1)


Okay.....tis kit is a kit that i had searched for along time since it was first released....a year ago...luckily,my teacher told me about the recently-opened Parkson(he told me about Transformers not Gundams) and i paid a visit first, i only saw a Trans-Am Raiser kit...and my heart told me to pick up the box......and.....WALLA....HG OO Gundam was at its back(special thanks to my friend Farid and Rizal for their big help)...

The box-art featured OO gundam on its first departure in Episode 2

Inside the box...there were totally 4 sprues: 3 for the kit and 1 for the joints....
colour of the kit was almost evenly distributed....causing less painting is required

close up on the sprues....the GN condenser is painted using highlighter to produce the condenser in active mode..

The same thing also done for the crest on the is coloured using a permanent red marker

preview on the GN Sword II and the beam saber (new design!!).......excluding the GN Sword III,OO will have six swords: 2 GN sword II,2 beam saber (no beam parts!!) and 2 GN shield blade (included in the o raiser kit)

Preview on the 4th generation GN Drive system...the Twin Drive System......

very little blue parts in OO...mainly for the torso, GN Drive and some for the GN swords

Assembly will be done after this....currently focusing on panel lining and colouring the gray parts (cheeks,back GN emitter,the feet)

Now....i can form the gattai between OO and O raiser...(^o^)

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