Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm still alive (lol)

(if you're friend with me at FB, you'd be damn sure on how -alive- i am w)

consider this as a filler post. i want to blog but i just don't have the right amount of kick on putting in some stuff >.> studies aren't being a great help either, making myself constantly finding a lil free time for some fishin'

can't wait for summer to resume modelling ._.

(toys in this post are TF Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Twinstrike, Hun-Gurr, Rippersnapper, Windrazor, Blight and Mega Bloks blind packs IM and WM)


  1. I'm dead on FB derp

    Why not put up those slice-of-life entries. This is not an anime series, and we're not the series director

    ...wait what

  2. Post for fish here ^^
    Heheh, you graduating soon?

  3. problem is i don't catch mush fish orz

    haha, still got another 1 year to go. be finishing by the end of 2014