Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obarimus Prime

 ah no, not Obama.

anyway, most of the questions are answered by now, what be of Optimus Prime as of Season 3 of TFP goes on

 answer: we don't get our awaited Smokimus Prime, yet Megatron are to face more pains. flying pains

interestingly enough, with hasbro going all nuts with the toy releases under the tagline Beast Hunters, we fans couldn't even capable of establishing a solid image on how a character might be in the final season. but as things get to unravel, it is more interesting that the Voyager Optimus, released prior to the actual debut of the new reformatted Autobot leader, is actually highly accurate to how he appears to be kicking anyone to their thrones in the show

 oh and i happen to have the said toy. even had the Star Saber held wrongly somemore

if you look closely, or easier to look at your own copy of the figure (in such case that you actually own one), i find it interesting on how highly similar the onscreen and the actual figure are. the arms and the shoulders are good example, and also the backpack, albeit the back stuff seems to be slightly flattened out. to put it, the voyager is pretty much the onscreen Optimus, but slimmer, and with different RAGE head and the anti-beast grill, which somewhat seems to be the theme running for the autobots released under this tagline

"pointy bricks with wheels"

as aforementioned,  the debatable RAGE face. not sure what went wrong with this version as it surely ends up being highly pissed off, probably not happy with what the 'Cons had him in the last time

and then there were some fiddlings. sans the OMG gatlings that he pulled out off his backpack and pretty much telling DOTM Jetwing Optimus to go eff off. nifty that they put the blasters in position as if they are the jet thrusters, though they somewhat sits too low for my taste

 yeap. it just sits that low. i can't deal with that. i Ultra Magnus that with full heart

 and with some fiddling to the assembly, here's something i can deal with better

 now the jets are looking more integrated to the whole backpack unit. though now you can't really have full freedom with the wings, things still looking good. oh no more flush folding the wings down...

does he screams for repaint or screen accuracy mods? we'll see about that