Monday, February 13, 2012

Transformers Prime Voyager Class Optimus Prime

my second Transformers figure, and my first one from Voyager class :D


"Today you answer for your crimes against Cybertron and against humanity"

with me who's not that fond of figures, i actually had a liking for TFP's Optimus, maybe since i watched the show. the show's good, btw :D

and yeah, there's the deluxe version, but i can't get over with the gorilla arms so i went for the Voyager whose bot mode is much more accurate to the show


high quality and classy packaging, i say ;) actually wanna hold up on getting this, but when the TFP RID lineups were announced, i had just to rush for this as the RID Powerizer (Voyager) Optimus is just that bad. but sadly, Megatron will be only available under RID lines for a Voyager class but it doesn't look that bad, maybe i give a shot on it

Vehicle/Alternate/Truck Mode

somewhat goes on with the movie direction in terms of design

ouhh hideous seams. there were these factory defects which makes the panels to be unable to close in nicely :<

that bumper

and yeah, this part also can't close in shut :<

not so robot, eh? XD


video version

start up by lifting the roof panels

and bring them all over to the back

separate the rear section and fold down the hitch

snap the calf on and open up the feet

pull down the legs and lower body's done!

fold down the smokestacks panels, and bring out the neck plate


fold in the side panels to lock the neck plate in place


separate the grills and tires from the front boot

fold them up and around

bring down the boot

and bring out the arms

lower the stacks panels

and fold and tuck everything neatly :D

tab in the arms to the tires

fold out the arms and the armor panels

and tab them on

repeat for the other arm and you'll get...

Robot Mode

i've gotta admit that the proportion, the bulk and the design is pure love. the looks of the arm, shoulders and the torso is simply beyond praises :D

dat neck details :D

Autobot insignia on right shoulder armor (inb4 redeco of this figure with Decepticons insignia on left shoulder and named as Orion Pax /spoilers)

gotta love the light piping unit. they even bother to put some details in that small clear part =D

oh and yea, the package said it comes with a display base

which is merely a folded cardboard

so that you can display the figure like so. well, nothing fancy


neck is on a ball joint, rotates freely but hardly goes up and down

shoulder can rotates freely, and can be raised that far

elbow bends at 90', and also has swivel joints

legs can go that far front and back

and a very satisfying split :D

knee goes for a 90'

and can somewhat do the ground punching pose

flat-foot test gives you this. ankle are kinda good, made from combinations of 2 hinge joints


plasma cannon and Cybertronian sword

the sword is well made, and well painted. it's just that...

it's rubber. same goes to the smoke stacks. probably scratch build plastic ones to replace these in future

the gun is SPARKLY

and fits nicely in hand, somewhat giving the image of the gun coming out of its arm, just like in the show

the sword, fits in like this. well, this looks retarded

so i like it better this way

Armed and ready to roll out!

Action Poses

"one shall stand.."

"On the contrary, Megatron. I could not allow this to end otherwise..."

-good solid figure, nice truck and bot mode.
-good articulations
-crucial weapons included
-awesome light piping :D

-flawful factory defects, causing transformation to have obvious gaps.
-calf part pops out rather easily
-rubber sword...
-articulation looks a bit awkward due to the offset nature of the joints
-faux kibble/pseudo windshield in bot mode (this is rather nitpicking)

all in all, a very nice figure. i highly recommended this over the Deluxe version, although i'm sorta digging deluxe version of the Megatron (which is shamefully packaged along with Deluxe Optimus)

aside from that flaws which cause problems in truck mode, i love every bits of this figure

kinda sad though that they didn't include the Burnout Kick feature XD


  1. Although I'm not a fan of the redesign, but... That transformation really hits the right notes. From vehicle to robot mode where all the shapes of both are carefully concealed.

    Rubber sword... reminds me of my MSiA ReGZ. Very easily bent.

    1. indeed, love the execution in this Voyager, and also the accuracy to the CGI model :D

      yeah, the rubber sword is waay to bendy, gonna SB new ones from pla plate later

  2. oK....certified poison by your review bro!! The proportions and details are sick keke.. will get this for modding :P

    1. oh noes wait for the leader class!! XDD

      aside from repaint possibilities, i might, like scratch build a jet pack or a battle armor/trailer, hopefully in the future ^^

  3. ^ agreed.. must download the TV show... lol

    Im not really into completed figures/transformable especially Transformers... prefer gunpla which we have to assemble.. the Dual Kit kinda good to me but then again, price is the main concern ^^;;.. I guess I'll stick with Gunpla and *ahem*Sabers*ahem* for now lolz

    1. go go go go, TF Prime is one awesome series, better than the 3 movies XD and incoming season 2 soon as well :D

      i agree on tendency to buy kits. figures, we can't measure the limits of joints,and sometimes bad paint jobs as well. too bad for TF figures, a model kit, fully transformable can be quite a disaster

      also interested in DMKs, but yeah, the price >_<

  4. Expanding your collection with other toys hmm? Hehe....

  5. sadly Hasbro doesn't follow the figurine in the picture which has the Metallic Colors =/

  6. Even my Voyager Optimus Prime Battle Blades has Rubber blades xD Hasbro should use real plastic for blades xD

    1. yeah, too bad they got this anti-kids policy (sort of)

      never hurt to build custom one tho XD

  7. I actually think that the folded cardbox for display is a pretty nice idea :D
    Love this Optimus Prime, unfortunately, just like any other Transformer figures out there, the paint job is a bit of a let down..

    1. hmm yea, not just to TF figures but also to any out-of-box-ready-for-action figures, paintjob is always an issue >.>

      that calls for a repaint :D